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Youtube’s Ad-Free Service Is Coming!

By piranha

10th April 2015

On Wednesday, a letter was released from Youtube, saying that it would be releasing a brand new subscription service for its users. Instead of having to sit through countless adverts, users will be able to watch unlimited videos without interruption.

Youtube is a video streaming service which is owned by the multibillionaire corporation, Google. It has become one of the most popular sites for uploading and watching videos online.

Recent reports have suggested that the search engine company plans to launch the new subscription service at the end of the year.

Users that sign up will be charged a subscription fee each month to remove adverts from their account. According to the Business Insider, Google will keep 45% of the profits, with the rest going to its partners and content creators.

This isn’t the first time that Google has talked about launching a subscription service. In November last year they released ‘Music Key’, which is an ad-free music service subscription.

Anyone who posts videos on the site will be required to agree to the new terms and conditions. If they choose not to, they will have to set their content to private so that only they can see them, or opt out of making money on the site completely.

A Youtube spokesperson said, “While we can’t comment on ongoing discussions, giving fans more choice to enjoy the content they love and creators more opportunity to earn revenue are always among our top priorities.”

This move could cause quite a stir with its rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime. These two streaming services have been adding an array of original content to their collections, making them incredibly popular with film fans all over the world. Google will need to pull out all of the stops if they want to draw users away from their favourite streaming sites, which will no doubt be a huge challenge for the company.

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