YouTube Change Comment Feature Twice in Two Months

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YouTube forced to change comment feature twice in two months

By piranha

16th January 2014

Online video content giant Youtube has instituted a new feature which will allow its users to handle all aspects of comment management in one area. Users will now be able to view, reply to and moderate viewer’s comments on their videos, from a single dashboard.

Youtube’s move has come as a response to much complaint about the comments aspect of the site. Youtube comment wars and trolling have long been a running joke amongst the online community. An attempt to resolve the issue, in November, backfired and now the Google-owned company have been forced to revisit the problem.

Prior to the original set of changes, Youtube users were able to manage comments directly from their Youtube inbox. In a blogpost, Youtube stated that they had received much negative feedback from people that were familiar with using their Inbox to moderate video comments.

Back in November, Youtube justified its changes by suggesting that the move would give users an increased number of options, when it came to moderating their viewer’s public messages.

Elements of negative feedback have included war-themed images being posted on Youtube’s blog and an online petition against Google, which amassed more than 200,000 signatures.

Youtube’s response, in the form of the new dashboard feature, has received a more positive, albeit mixed, reaction from users. Certain users have welcomed a return to a feature more reminiscent of the Inbox, whereas others have bemoaned the indirectness of the new comment management page, due to the fact that users now have to navigate to a separate window to reply to a comment.

In light of the mixed public response, it seems likely that further tweaks will be on the horizon.

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