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Your Boss Can Now Read Your Private Messages

By piranha

18th January 2016

Employers now have the right to read private messages that workers’ send during working hours, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.

This comes after a highly profiled court case took place in Strasbourg, where an engineer took legal action after being fired for sending private messages from his professional Yahoo account during working hours.

Bogdan Mihai Barbulescu took this case to a court in Romania and after this attempt proved unsuccessful, he moved it to the Human Rights Court. He claims that his employer’s decision to terminate his contract was based on a violation of his privacy and human rights.

On Tuesday, the court said that it was not “unreasonable for an employer to want to verify that employees are completing their professional tasks during working hours.”

Head of Public Policy at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Ben Wilmott, said; I think employers need to be clear about the reasons about why they are monitoring so people don’t feel there is this blanket Big Brother approach. I think this case is just a reminder of the need for clarity and what happens when there is ambiguity.”

The new ruling means that companies throughout the UK will have to outline clearly if and when employees are allowed to send private emails from their work accounts.

If you want to keep your personal messages away from prying eyes, it is a good idea to mark them as private. Employers have been encouraged to only open these messages when absolutely necessary, to ensure that any disputes of privacy are avoided.

Do you think that the new ruling is appropriate or is it a step too far? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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