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Will Ad Blocking Software Bring An End To Free Internet?

By piranha

24th September 2015

Ad blocking software is the biggest cause for concern for online video streaming services, like YouTube, ITV Player and All 4. This tool allows users to skip the adverts that are placed before and sometimes throughout the videos and skip straight to the content that they want to see.

According a report by the BBC, advertising revenue supports 90% of all content that we see online. If the number of people using ad blocking software increases, we could see stricter regulations enforced or even have to pay for our favourite online services.

It’s not only television companies that rely on advertising; social media platforms, online shops and search engines also use this to make money.

Apple has caused much controversy recently by allowing its iPhone and iPad products to block adverts on the Safari browser using 3rd party software extensions. Many experts believe that this undermines the economic model and in some ways encourages people to block advertisements.

The senior programmes manager for the Internet Advertising Bureau, David Frew, said; “Ad blocking is a threat to the whole advertising industry. It’s possibly heralding the end of online advertising in its current form. It’s essential people understand that online content isn’t free – there’s a value exchange. Facebook is monetising you – your data is valuable.”

Users have been given the option to block pop-up ads on browsers for many years. These are often spammy and can put the computer at risk, which is why it’s always a good idea to have them blocked.

Ad blocking is available to buy easily, which is perhaps why millions of people are already using it. If the number of people using this software continues to increase, which is looking very likely, it’s possible that we could see the end of free internet.

Would you be willing to pay to visit your favourite websites, or would you rather grin and bear the adverts? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook!

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