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What Does Google Have In Store For The Future?

By piranha

1st October 2015

According to the BBC, more users are accessing the internet via their smartphones than PCs. This means that companies, such as Google, are having to make their services more mobile-friendly.

The search engine draws in 1.17 billion unique monthly users, which is more than any other website in the world.

When speaking about the future of the company, Google’s Search Chief Amit Singhal said; “When you have a 5in-diagonally-across screen – it’s not designed to type. So, on mobile you have to fundamentally give users new ways to interact.”

In an attempt to improve this interaction, the search engine company has developed a brand new facility called ‘Now on Tap.’

This feature will allow users to find out more information about anything on their screen at the touch of one button. It is accessed by holding down the home button, which will then bring up relevant material for the content you were looking at.

Finding names of artists on Spotify, restaurant details and directions are just a few examples of what the software is designed for. Google’s main aim is to make life easier and more convenient for the increasing number of users searching the web on their phones.

In order to find the right information for the ‘Now on Tap’, Google will need to look at exactly what you are searching for on your smartphone. This is the main issue that is putting many users off the feature as people want to keep their browsing private.

However, Google has promised that all history will be permanently deleted when using this feature, rather than storing it on a cloud based system. This means that users shouldn’t have to worry about others finding out about their ‘Now on Tap’ history, as it will be removed from the system.

The company is also working on a way to remove sensitive information, such as bank details and phone numbers, from the feature’s remit in an attempt to protect users against fraud and scams.

‘Now on Tap’ will soon be available to Android users who update their devices to the Marshmallow operating system. This service is not compulsory and existing Google Now users will be able to opt out of the tap service if they wish.

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