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    Website Content Development Services from Piranha

    Website content is described as the textual, visual, or aural content that is encountered as part of the user experience on websites. It may include – among other things written text, images, photographs, illustrations, graphs, infographics, sound, videos, and animations.

    At Piranha, we design and build websites for our clients, but we also become heavily involved in the creation of engaging content, after all, what is a website without content?

    When you are commissioning a new website, do not fall into the trap of thinking that the only considerations are the design and the build of the site – these are the easy bits! Planning and creating the content is where the real skill is and where the investment will really pay off. Do not think that creating the content yourself is an effective way of reducing the cost of a website project. This could end up being an extremely poor decision, rendering the website useless in terms of SEO, engagement, and conversions.

    At Piranha we can help you plan and create engaging content across all media types, working with you and your in-house team to deliver content that will engage with your different audiences.

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    At Piranha we have our own in-house photographic capabilities and all the equipment needed including a pop-up studio for product photography. Let us plan and create informative, branded photography that will set your site apart from your competitors and increase customer engagement.

    More about our Photography Services

    Stock Images

    It’s not always practical or economical to commission fresh photography for all the images you require for your website. This is where the use of stock images can be invaluable. If they are used sparingly and sympathetically, stock images can enhance your websites appearance at a relatively low cost. We have accounts set up with most library companies and provide a sourcing and purchasing service to support our design work. A simple brief is all we require to source the perfect mix of stock photographs to enhance the appearance of your website.


    We have in-house copywriters at Piranha who will work with you to create accurate, engaging and converting written content for your website. Working closely with the digital marketing team, our copywriters will keep one eye on search engine optimisation to make sure your content is search engine friendly and improves the rankings of your pages on sites like Google and Bing. Contact us today if you want to know more about our SEO and website copywriting services.

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    It’s not always practical to photograph what you need, perhaps the product is just a concept, or you need to show the inner workings of a technical piece of equipment. This is where the creation of illustrations becomes invaluable. Illustrations can show things photographs can’t, they can combine concepts with actual product and contain an element of poetic licence. At Piranha we can provide or commission a range of illustrative styles from cartoon to 3D technical drawings to showcase your products and services.


    Graphs will communicate facts, figures and trends far more clearly than written words. Graphs also create an element of trust and belief when explaining trends over time. The four most common are line graphs, bar graphs and histograms, pie charts, and Cartesian graphs.


    Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information concisely and clearly. They are used to quickly show the relationship between different facts, figures, and pieces of information. Infographics can be used to communicate many messages within one piece of artwork and because they are bespoke, your brand identity and corporate style can be incorporated to make them personal to your business.

    Video Production

    Video content is the present and future of website and social communication. We have been creating high quality videos for our clients for over 20 years.  With plenty of show reels and case studies to share, we are sure we can inspire you to invest in quality video content to increase lead generation, increase customer engagement and help drive your business forward.

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    “PM PROjEN have been working with Piranha for over 10 years. We utilise Piranha’s vast range of services including; Website Design, SEO, Graphic Design and Marketing Communications Expertise. We find the whole team at Piranha incredibly helpful, not least because they have taken the time to learn about PM PROjEN’s core business needs.”

    Shane Pugh, Director of Business Development - PM PROjEN

    Why Choose Piranha as Your Website Content Development Partner

    We are a full-service digital agency with all content development services provided by our in-house team. This enables us to react quickly, combine the skills of different internal experts, and keep costs down.

    Meet The Team

    • Piranha first started designing websites in 2001 and since then we have created content for hundreds of websites ranging from start-up business sites to multi-site, integrated e-commerce websites with budgets ranging from £450 to £75,000.
    • We have an experienced in-house content development team able to swiftly turnaround website content projects, whether this is written content, video, illustrations, or photography.
    • We specialise in both B2B and B2C focused content.
    • All content projects are supported by a strong management structure, a highly knowledgeable development team and our in-house SEO experts to ensure the content adds value to your website and business.
    • A strong portfolio of successful website design projects and case studies across many industry sectors showcases our capabilities and the range of content we have helped to create.
    • We provide a one stop solution from initial creative concept to the delivery of the website, search engine and digital marketing and full technical support. Working with Piranha could not be easier.

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    Starting your website content development project today with Piranha could not be easier. Simply call our head office in Lancashire on 01772 888331 or fill in one of our enquiry forms and one of our design or management team will have a chat with you about your requirements. We may be able to provide a quick quote based on the outcome of the conversation, but we would prefer to arrange a meeting to learn more about your company and what your website content requirements are.

    Now is the time to start your website content development project with Piranha Digital. Call us today on 01772 888331 for a free consultation and start increasing your return on investment

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