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Website Audits

What Does Google Really Think of Your Website?

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    Website Audits

    What Does Google Really Think of Your Website?

    Do you ever wonder if your website is as good as it could be? Would you like to know how the major search engines view your website?

    It is easy to look at your website and be happy with the way it looks, how the content is presented and how the branding conveys your company ethos, but what about its ability to maximise business and sales leads or convert site visitors into paying customers. With 81% of the UK search market, how google views and ranks your website is critical for online success – find out now and plan for better online returns.

    At Piranha we have 20 years’ experience in website development and digital marketing, helping companies of all sizes to maximise their return on investment from their website and online activity. We have developed a robust process to help deliver strategies that work again and again for both B2B and B2C clients.

    However, this process does not work without an initial, in-depth audit which highlights strengths and weaknesses as seen through the eyes of the search engines. These research findings can then be used to formulate a strategy designed to increase the returns in both the short and long term.

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    Ever Wonder if Your Website Could be Improved?

    This unique audit has been developed by the team at Piranha Digital and has proved invaluable in helping our clients understand their digital landscape and create meaningful digital strategies with clear benchmarking and goal setting.

    We deliver a full bespoke audit of your website, focusing on the latest elements that Google and other major search engines use to determine the performance of your site in their search results. This audit will be individually created by our Qualified Google experts.


    What’s Involved in Piranha’s Comprehensive Website Audit

    This audit will be individually created by our qualified Google experts and will cover the following key areas:

    • Mobile Friendliness
    • Link Profile
    • Site Security
    • Site Speed
    • Server speed
    • Index & Coverage Issues
    • Technical & Coding Errors
    • Customer Experience
    • Current Site Visibility For Target Keywords
    • Recommendations & Action Plan

    Evaluate Your Website’s Health

    Our Site Audit will give you a full report covering the Key SEO factors that search engines like google use to give your website good visibility in their search results!

    How Google and Bing see your website determines its visibility via the ranking positions of the key words and phrases that drive relevant traffic to your website. Google has recently increased the frequency of its algorithm updates and keeping pace with them can be a daunting task. Hardly a week goes by without the search engines introduce new ranking factors that can disrupt the status quo. Our SEO audit is based on the current guidelines our team has created from their monitoring of these updates.

    This audit is available independently of any ongoing or further work delivered by Piranha and you are free to use the findings to deliver your own strategy or present to your current digital agency if you wish. There is no obligation to take on-board any of our recommendations.

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    What's Next Following Your Website Audit

    By commissioning an SEO audit from Piranha Digital there are several possible outcomes all of which are positive:

    • The audit shows your website and digital marketing is in excellent health – you can then be confident in what you are doing and your current providers.
    • The audit highlights areas of improvement – these can then be implemented, improving your likelihood of increased site visibility and conversions.
    • The audit identifies fundamental and urgent problems that need addressing. You can then make the decision if your current providers are right for the job.
    • The audit indicates no SEO work has been carried out. We can then show you what could be achieved by implementing a digital strategy.


    Want to Know How Your Website Compares to Your Competitors’?

    Provide us with the details for up to 3 competitors and we will provide a benchmark report on their performance as part of the audit.

    At Piranha Digital we believe all companies should carry out such an audit every 12 months to ensure their website is performing as it should.

    To book your Google SEO site audit call us today on 01772 888331 and we can arrange the preliminary meeting to discuss your target key words, past site performance and which competitors you want to benchmark your online presence against.

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