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User Experience Design (UX Design)

"People Ignore Design that Ignores people."

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    User Experience Design (UX Design) from Piranha Digital

    User experience design looks at how a user interacts with your website. Your website could be visually stunning or have the most complex functionality, but if the user hasn’t been taken into consideration during the planning process then everything else can be a waste of time.

    “People ignore design that ignores people”, Frank Chimero – Leading UX Designer.

    When it comes to website design and development, user experience (UX) is often an aspect which gets overlooked until after the site is launched and the ROI is not as high as anticipated.

    Understanding the value of UX design and the influence it has on conversions is an extremely important aspect of website design and development. Giving it the attention it deserves when planning a website design project can help prevent issues in the future and save time, effort, and money revisiting and restructuring the content, layout, and call to actions on the site.

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    A Smooth Website Design & Development Process

    At Piranha, user experience is always considered at the start of the process. It is not only beneficial to the user but also to our clients. We’ve outlined just a few of these benefits below:

    • Reduced Costs – by considering the user experience at the start we can spot any potential issues at the design stage and avoid the additional cost of adding more development time to a project down the line.
    • Projects Delivered on Time – it is much easier and quicker to address an issue at the design stage of a project than it is at the development stage. Our in-depth planning process ensures problems are captured at the start, avoiding delays to the project timeline.
    • Increased Conversion Rates – the main reasons given by online shoppers for leaving a website without making a purchase are generally down to poor user experience. Issues such as not knowing what a company does, no contact information, slow page speed, automated pop-ups and bad navigation are just a few of these.
    • Business Success – it is estimated that approximately 70% of online businesses have failed due to poor usability on their websites.


    “After years of poor service from other companies, Piranha came to our aid and designed a fabulous website for us (Promotional Candy Company). Since it has gone live, we have experienced a very noticeable increase in the number of enquiries and consequently, sales. Nothing was too much trouble for Piranha, their attention to detail and customer service, not to mention creativity, is second to none. Thank you to the Piranha team!”

    Sue Armstrong, Sales Manager - Promotional Candy Company

    A Leading UX Design Agency

    As a leading Lancashire based User Experience Design agency, Piranha Digital uses a framework of UX and user-centric project discovery tools and principles when designing and developing new and existing digital projects. We always start our design projects with the customer in mind – remember “People ignore design that ignores people.” We have access to industry statistics, facts, figures, and research for example, according to E-Consultancy, live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel 73%. (61% e-mail, 44% phone). Access to these resources means that our recommendations are based on research and not guess work or gut feelings. Taking the time to perform a usability test can prove to be very valuable. The recommended dynamic for an efficient user experience study is testing three or four sets of users, one set at a time. With each set consisting of five users, this comes out to no more than 15-20 people total.

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    Why Choose Piranha as Your User Experience Website Design Partner?

    At Piranha Digital, we fully understand the importance of UX website design in the overall success of website development or a full digital marketing project. We have a dedicated UX design team who work closely with the account managers, website developers and you, the client, on ensuring the design of any website has the customer’s experience at the heart of the project. This UX website design team members are all classically trained in brand, interface design and user experience design and have an excellent understanding of CRO (conversion rate optimisation).

    More About Website Design From Piranha

    • Piranha first started designing websites in 2001 and since then we have designed and developed hundreds of websites ranging from start-up business sites to multi-site, integrated e-commerce websites with budgets ranging from £450 to £75,000
    • User Experience (UX) Design is at the heart of every project.
    • We have an experienced in-house website design team able to swiftly turn around website design concepts – no outsourcing of any element of the design or development.
    • We specialise in both b2b and consumer website design with in-depth knowledge of different UX Design techniques that are proven to work on both.
    • All website User Experience design projects are supported by a strong management structure, a highly knowledgeable development team and our in-house SEO experts.
    • A strong portfolio of successful User Experience (UX) website design projects and case studies across many industry sectors showcases our capabilities.
    • We provide a one stop solution from initial creative concept to the delivery of the website, search engine optimisation and digital marketing and full technical support.

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    Now is the time to start your website design project with Piranha Digital. Call us today on 01772 888331 for a free consultation and start increasing your return on investment.

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