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    Video Shoots from Piranha

    A leading full-service agency based in Lancashire.

    At Piranha Digital we have our own video production equipment including all the camera apparatus, lights and accessories required to be on site and deliver professional video shoots without the need to co-ordinate with third party camera teams.

    This speed and flexibility enable us to be on site in the time it takes us to physically get there, so for urgent case studies, live events, or weather dependent situations you will not find a video company anywhere that could be quicker on site than Piranha Digital.

    This flexibility and ownership mean we are also extremely cost effective. No equipment rental fees, third party margins or unnecessary costs, you simply pay for the time our team is on site activity shooting your video.

    We can also provide actors, models, props, and location services if your project goes a little beyond shooting your own location, staff, or products.

    We deliver video shooting services as part of our complete video production offering or we can provide it to other agencies who wish to carry out their own post-production editing.

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    Why Choose Piranha Digital to Deliver Your Video Shoots

    We are a leading full-service digital marketing agency with a real creative flair. We own all our own video equipment and have a full in-house team able to provide the initial conception work and storyboarding, be on site to do the video shoot and an experienced editing team in-house to finish the project if you wish.

    Meet the Team

    • Experienced camera team in-house.
    • Able to be on site in the time it takes to get there.
    • No third-party involvement required.
    • All equipment owned by Piranha – no separate rental costs incurred.
    • All support services delivered by our in-house team of creatives and editors.
    • In-house copywriters to assist with scripting.
    • A strong portfolio of successful projects and case studies across most industry sectors.
    • Many happy clients with testimonials available to support this.

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    Starting your video project today with Piranha could not be easier. Simply call our head office in Lancashire on 01772 888331 or fill in one of our enquiry forms and one of our video specialists will have a chat to you about your requirements. We may be able to provide a quick quote based on the outcome of the conversation, but we would prefer to arrange a meeting to learn more about your company and what your video production requirements are.

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