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    Video Production

    Is Your Business Ready for Video? - The Whole World is Watching

    Two billion. That is the number of hits that YouTube gets in a day, not only as a viewing platform but as a search tool too – making it the second largest search engine in the world (after Google). Video is the communication channel people want and Piranha can turn that into reality for you. Video not only helps convert enquiries into sales, but it is a driving factor in improved search engine optimisation and can provide new channels for business growth.

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    Piranha is an Experienced Video Production Company Based in Lancashire

    We have been creating high quality videos for our clients for over 20 years from our head office, here in Preston, Lancashire.  With plenty of show reels and case studies to share, we are sure we can inspire you to invest in quality video content to increase lead generation, increase customer engagement, and help drive your business forward.

    We are a full-service agency; an end-to-end solution provider for clients looking for a video company to manage and deliver high quality, yet reasonably priced videos for a range of applications and communication channels.

    Our video production process is comprehensive, and we put a strong emphasis on pre-production design and planning. All our video services are delivered by our in-house team and we own all our video equipment including high definition 4k cameras, lighting, power packs and accessories, so we can react swiftly and get on site should a video opportunity arise at short notice.


    Video Production Services

    Video Planning & Storyboarding

    All our video projects start with a planning phase. Following a briefing meeting with the client, the plan is converted into a storyboard which includes an outline of the scene, the dialogue, tone of voice, the location, personnel, lighting, and any other key factors that will influence the final video. This careful planning phase and storyboard production helps the project run smoothly and enables the ‘buy in’ and approval from all parties prior to the filming and post-production stages.

    Models, Styling & Props

    Should you require models or actors for you video, we can cast the right people for your project. Most commercial and industrial clients prefer to use employees on their videos but often the occasion arises where more professional actors or specific types of individuals are required to create the right image within the video. We can also arrange various stylists with experience in fashion, food and make up to complete the look. We can also source and arrange the hire or purchase of various specialist props and costumes if these are required.

    Video Location Services

    Piranha provides a location service to identify the best location to shoot your video. We can source locations geographically for you and cross reference this with architectural style to get the perfect backdrop. The locations are both indoor and outdoor and we can provide a shortlist including photographs. We have a comprehensive list of locations available in many categories including: Urban landscapes, Domestic houses gardens and flats, Interiors, Mansions, manors & stately homes, Gatehouses and follies, Hospitals, Galleries and studios, Entertainment, food, drink & accommodation, Education & sport, Industry & commerce and Transport

    Find out more about our Video Shoot Services

    Corporate Video Production

    Corporate videos are still the main requirement of our clients when it comes to video production and forms the core of our video work. A typical project would be a 3-5 minute video covering the history of a company, the range of products and services, interviews with key team members and possible case studies and testimonials taken on site at their customer’s premises. We provide a start to finish solution including all planning, storyboarding, shooting, editing, graphics, voice over and music. We can also provide sub edits for use on social media, website landing pages or at exhibitions using the same core material.

    Aerial & Drone Video Footage

    We have partners around the UK who we work with on providing aerial and drone footage to our technical and creative specification, to support any video production work we do. Previous projects we have completed where we have incorporated aerial footage into our production includes drone footage of a series of 5 open quarries around the North West of England, external footage of buildings and internal aerial footage of large manufacturing facilities.

    Animated Videos

    We produce animated videos in-house, either as stand-alone animations or to support sales massages in corporate or sales videos. Animated videos are a great way to sell concepts and get a great deal of factual information over to the audience. They also work extremely well as explainer videos where a clear benefit wants to be communicated or where it is not possible (or safe) to take video footage.

    Videos for Website

    As attention spans become shorter and the relentless move from reading to watching continues, we are producing more and more website-based videos for our clients’ where traditional content is being replaced by video. Typically, this change in content covers case studies, testimonials, training information, health and safety, and product demonstrations. They are quick to create and can also be used for alternative marketing channels such as YouTube and social media or as links from e-mail campaigns.

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    Product Demonstration Videos

    Most product demonstration videos we produce are for use on websites and social media platforms and are often used on e-commerce websites where the product demonstration greatly improves the on-site sales conversion. We have also successfully used demonstration videos for clients to sell spare parts where the part identification has been a barrier to an online purchase. Product demonstration videos are also useful in explaining cleaning or maintenance on more technical and industrial products.

    Interviews & Talking Head Videos

    Most of the videos we create will at some point utilise an interview or a talking heads sequence to reinforce specific points and to portray a high level of authority on a specific subject. It is also the easiest way to inject some humanity into a corporate video and an excellent way to share testimonials and case studies.

    Event Filming

    We can film your event for you or film an event you are attending and use this to create a promotion video that can be uploaded to your website, uploaded to YouTube, shared on social media or distributed to your clients. Often event filming is used to promote forthcoming similar events or to support press releases to on-line journals.

    Library Footage

    We have access to thousands of hours of high quality library video footage we can use to weave into any video production for our clients Often used as scene setters, these clips are royalty free and cover almost every imaginable scenario and can be used for multiple platforms and channels.

    Post-production & Video Editing

    All post-production and video editing is done in-house at our studio based in Preston. Our editors work closely with the creative director to ensure the highest quality finished production matches the initial storyboard and creative objectives. Post-production also includes editing in music, graphics, and animations to complete the video project.

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    Video Content Marketing

    Content, they say, is king when it comes to digital marketing. As words have been replaced by pictures online, now pictures are being replaced by video. In their 2020 report, Wyzowl found:

    • 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI.
    • 83% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation.
    • 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website.
    • 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales.
    • 95% of video marketers planned to increase or maintain video spend in 2020.

    At Piranha we crate engaging video content including:

    • Vlogs (video blogs)
    • Video interviews
    • Tutorial videos
    • Videos of presentations
    • Product demos and reviews
    • Video testimonials
    • Recordings of live streams
    • Video ads

    Choose Piranha for Your Next Video Project

    • Delivering results since 2001
    • Hundreds of satisfied clients
    • Dedicated team of 20 professionals
    • Dedicated account manager and creative director
    • In-house design and planning team
    • In-house production team
    • In-house editing
    • Video options for all budgets

    With a strong history of delivering exceptional projects for clients of all sizes across many diverse industry sectors, we are confident Piranha can become your trusted video and digital partner. We offer an initial free 1hr consultation to discuss your video requirements and see how it fits into your overall business objectives.

    To book your free consultation call us today on 01772 888331 and we can arrange the preliminary meeting to discuss your requirements and provide a competitive and comprehensive quote. 

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