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Video Marketing in 2019

By piranha

7th March 2019

In a recent blog post, SEO bigwig Moz made the prediction that video will dominate niche marketing in 2019. With featured videos, video carousels and suggested clips all dominating SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for niche queries, it’s not hard to see why!

Today’s online consumer demands content that’s both accessible and engaging. Videos tick both boxes in ways that other media can’t – that’s why online videos are such big business.

What are Niche Searches?

An online niche is exactly the same as a niche in the real world. That is, a specific and explicit search based on a service or product. For example, rather than using an overarching term such as “baking recipes”, a niche search may be something like “how to make chocolate cake”.

If you perform a similar search on Google or Bing, you may well receive video content suggestions alongside the organic results and paid-for advertisements.

As a rule, search engines love to answer searchers’ questions. Giving succinct, concise answers results in happy users who are more likely to use that search facility again in the future. Video content not only diversifies the search results to broaden target demographics but also answers questions in a (arguably) more engaging way than any other medium.

Advantages of Video

Videos are eye-catching and can engage users with immediacy and intent. There are also many different types of video that can be useful in business.

From educational how-to videos and advertorials to product demonstrations and reviews, videos can be used to convey your message directly to customers. With the addition of gifs, animations and infographics, there is a multitude of different video types to be utilised in all areas of business.

Piranha Video Marketing Services

Piranha also has a team of digital marketing experts who can ensure your videos are set up to have the best possible impact. We can:

  • Compress video content to be as small as possible, shortening load times
  • Embed YouTube videos directly onto your website
  • Optimise your YouTube channel for maximum views and follows
  • Add structured data mark-up to your website, enabling featured snippets and suggested clips on SERPs (not to mention video-specific results tabs)

Video search optimisation is just one facet of modern SEO; Piranha’s experts are on-hand to plan and execute your complete online marketing strategy.

Piranha’s in-house graphic designers are experienced in creating videos of all types from short infographics to full product demonstrations and to show you. Here are a couple we made earlier!

What is Responsive Web Design?

Commercial Machine Video

Whether you need to record a corporate-style introduction to your business, capture your staff busy at work or even snap products in action, we can help.

To discuss video marketing further or to learn more about Piranha’s services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Call 01772 888331 or email your query to to get your project started.

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