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Two Thirds of Big UK Businesses Hit by Cyber Attacks

By piranha

9th May 2016

New research from the UK government has found that two thirds of big businesses have been targeted by cyber attacks in the last year.

The survey stated that most of these attacks have included malware, viruses and spyware. These things can be catastrophic to businesses as they enable attackers to steal information, like names and addresses and even bank details.

If these security breaches are successful, they can be extremely costly to businesses. Some cases of these types of attacks have cost companies millions of pounds, which the majority of us can’t afford to lose.

Cyber security not only seems to be a common problem but it is also one that can affect businesses regularly. The Government survey found that one quarter of large firms have encountered cyber breaches at least once a month, meaning that securing your business in the online world should be a top priority.

From these attacks, 7 out of 10 could have been avoided if appropriate security procedures were in place. According to the survey, just a fifth of businesses understand the risks of sharing information with 3rd parties and this lack

Following the results, Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey said; “The UK is a world-leading digital economy and this government has made cyber security a top priority.”

“Too many firms are losing money, data and consumer confidence with the vast number of cyber-attacks. It’s absolutely crucial businesses are secure and can protect data.”

Over the next 5 years, the government plans to invest £1.9bn into addressing cyber crime and setting up a security centre for support. A national cyber security strategy will also be published later this year, outlining future steps to improve online security for the government, as well as businesses and consumers.

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