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Twitter To Launch Pre-Roll Ads on Videos

By piranha

15th October 2015

Each month, 316 million people actively access the social media site, Twitter. They are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to attract users, as well as increasing revenue to fund these ventures.

The company has recently released a new service, which will feature pre-roll ads on all videos published on the platform.

The software, which has been named Amplify, will incorporate relevant advertisements into video content. The advertiser will be able to select the most fitting categories for the ad, so that they are matched to the most suitable videos.

Twitter will offer YouTubers payment for featuring adverts on their videos, much like on YouTube itself.

The company is yet to announce how much of the advertising profits it will take, but the BBC claims that it will be in the region of 30%.

According to Eleni Marouli, an Advertising Analyst at IHS Technology, the majority of ads used will be repurposed from television.

She said; “It’s a way to compete with TV ad budgets, which are the biggest in the industry. Every online platform is trying to grab a piece of those ad budgets.”

Many experts already have concerns about the new ad feature as unlike YouTube, Twitter has a character limit for posts. They believe that many people use the platform because of its easily accessible, immediate content and introducing video adverts could put them off using the site.

At the moment, pre-roll ads are only available to advertisers and publishers in the U.S, but it is expected that it will become available to the rest of the world in the coming months.

Would you be happy to sit through adverts or would you try and avoid the videos? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook!

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