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Twitter to simplify how we report abuse

By piranha

8th December 2014

The way that users currently report abuse on Twitter is a rather complex process but that’s all about to change, with the announcement from the social network site that they want to make it easier for users to report any harassment, especially on mobile devices.

In the coming weeks, Twitter will be simplifying the way we can report abuse and block users.  Twitter hopes this will reduce the cases of bullying and harassment which are taking place on the site, after reports of a high number being reported over the past few years.

Less information will be required when users are blocking or reporting others, which will make it a quicker and simple to do if you find yourself in this position.

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Twitter has received a lot of criticism in the past over their blocking features. Last year, they were forced to change their site, as many people were unhappy with the fact that people who have been blocked could still make contact with and view the recipient’s profile.

Sinead McSweeney, who is Twitter’s head of public policy in Europe, commented on the changes, saying, “We’ve always said that users’ safety is a priority.  It’s a job that we never regard as done. It’s more intuitive, it’s conversational and it gives people an opportunity to flag content which they regard as abusive, but may not be directed at them.”

It is clear that social media sites need to prevent on-line bullying on their sites and hopefully Twitter’s actions will be a step in the right direction.

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