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Twitter Says No To Instagram Links

By piranha

27th January 2015

The social media site, Twitter, had asked its verified users to post photos directly to the site, rather than through the popular picture sharing app, Instagram.

With over 300 million users accessing Twitter each month, it is no wonder that celebrities have taken to this platform as a method of communication and promotion.

Famous musicians, sports stars and politicians tend to have a huge following of fans on the site. Katy Perry is said to be the most popular person on Twitter, with around 64 million users following her account.

By posting through Instagram, only a link is show in the Tweet, rather than the actual image. This means that users must navigate away from the Twitter page in order to see the photo.

Twitter sees this as a huge threat as they don’t want users moving away from their site to access Instagram. This is why they have recently sent a message to all high profiled users, encouraging them upload the photos directly.

In these messages, they have asked that the celebrities “Post your photos directly on Twitter to make sure your fans always see them.”

Instagram is owned by Twitter’s rival, Facebook. Last year it became one of the fastest growing apps, with the number of active users growing by 64%.

Considering this increase in popularity, it is unclear whether Twitter will be able to convince its celebrity users to post photos directly to the site.

At the moment you can sync your social media accounts, making it very easy to post your photos from Instagram onto Twitter.

They may, perhaps, have to make it a compulsory part of the site if they want to see any considerable change. But doing this would probably anger and upset its users, which is something which the company should avoid if they want to continue growing in success!

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