Twitter Releases New Filter to Combat Abuse

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Twitter Releases New Filter to Combat Abuse

By piranha

2nd April 2015

Twitter has faced a lot of criticism over the past few months for its lack of control over abuse on the site. Even the company’s CEO, Dick Costolo, said that they “suck at dealing with abuse.”

In an attempt to combat online bullying, Twitter will be introducing a new blocking feature called the ‘quality filter.’ It has been designed to remove abusive content by detecting any offensive language that is included in the tweet.

The algorithm picks up on the word phrasing and context of the post, which the site then uses to decide whether or not it is inappropriate.

This is not a compulsory feature and users can simply turn it off if they don’t want the setting on their account.

The filter is only available to those are accessing the platform through the app on an Apple product, like iPad or iPhone. It is not yet clear whether the feature will be added to other devices in the future.

Twitter hopes that this new security feature will help to “remove all tweets from your notifications timeline that contain threats, offensive or abuse language, duplicate content, or are sent from suspicious accounts”.

For the moment, verified users with a blue tick against their names are the only ones that will be able to experience the feature. It is expected to be rolled out to other users in the next couple of months, if the filter proves to be a success.

This comes just a few weeks after Twitter changed its settings, which included the ban of revenge porn. It seems that Twitter is trying to do everything in its power to protect users from abuse and bullying on the site. Hopefully the new feature will help to make the site’s 288 million monthly users feel safe when logging on to the social media platform.

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