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Twitter Moments

By piranha

10th October 2016

Twitter has opened up a new feature called ‘Twitter Moments’ that allows users to quickly find some of the trending tweets and stories at that moment. With how large Twitter’s audience actually is, you miss millions of tweets as they just get drowned out by newer tweets. In fact 9,100 new tweets are actually posted by twitters users every second, which obviously means there is a lot of content that you actually don’t even get to see. Twitter has now released a feature that makes news updates and other quality content more easily findable, accessible and shareable.

These ‘best tweets’ are called moments and they’re a collection of tweets curated by a small team at Twitter which covers local and global news. Moments is divided into four categories being News, Sport, Entertainment and Fun. Once again this allows users to browse through which ever category they are interested in very quickly and easily. Most Moments are handpicked, organised, and updated throughout the day by a small editorial team at Twitter, using real-time data, which means they can see which tweets are going viral and from there, find the best and most popular tweets from any story.

Moments is aimed mainly towards new users on the app, casual users and also people who have little knowledge of using technology. This is because of how accessible the new feature is and you don’t even have to follow a single person to use it. The goal of the new feature is to eliminate the extra steps that some users might have trouble with, like trying to figure out what to search for and how to find it. Moments does that work for us by surfacing popular and newsworthy content. The Moments staff updates Moments as new information is added or more great tweets on the subject are published. There is an option on Twitter that allows you to follow a moment which has a lot of updates, like a sports match, and then the updates will go onto your news feed instead.

Unfortunately, at the moment twitter’s team control everything meaning there isn’t really a lot marketers and publishers can really do to get their content on moments. Most ‘moments’ being published are from their partners which includes, BuzzFeed, Vogue and Fox News. The creator of Moments has said they are still looking into the revenue of the feature, but sponsored tweets could easily have a place in Moments’ future as a way for twitter to generate more revenue. If you are interested in finding out how Twitter can help your business grow, why not get in touch and contact us by emailing

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