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Twitter Backtracks on Abuse Tool

By piranha

14th February 2017

Just two hours after releasing its new abuse tool, Twitter made a complete U-turn and removed it from the site.

For a short time, the social network notified users when they are added to a list by other members. Lists are curated collections of Twitter accounts, such as your family members, friends, classmates or celebrities.

The main aim of the new abuse tool was to help prevent bullying, which has become a serious problem for not only Twitter but Facebook and other social media sites as well.

When you create a list on Twitter, you can add whoever you want to it which many cyber bullies see as an opportunity to create mean or nasty lists.

By seeing which lists you are added to, you could then report anything that you consider to be abusive or block the person who is adding you to abusive lists.

However, Twitter received complaints about the tool, with many saying that it buries abuse and makes harassment easier.

That’s why on Monday, the company’s safety team announced that they would be removing the tool from the site. They said; “We want you to get notifications that matter. Starting today, you won’t get notified when you are added to a list.”

Earlier this month, Twitter said that it would be taking steps to tackle abuse, including ridding the platform of tweets in classed as “low quality”. It seems that this will be a learning curve for the company, with some things working and others needing adjustment.

Do you think they were right to remove the abuse tool? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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