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The Top Social Media Trends to Watch Out for This Year

By piranha

20th April 2017

Did you know that last year more than 2.3 billion people actively used social media? And over 1.9 billion logged on through a mobile device? With this in mind, it’s no wonder that 83% of marketers are utilising the tool to help their clients to boost sales and create brand awareness.

Social media isn’t just about getting likes and follows but should be more about developing those crucial relationships with customers. Because you can respond to messages and comments instantaneously, social media should help you to not only create relationships but maintain them too!

Here are 5 trends to look out for in 2017 and how they could help your business.

Live Streams

If you have logged onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram recently, you may have noticed that more and more of your friends are starting to live stream. For businesses, this is a great opportunity. The feature will help to show your brand in a creative and unique way, not to mention that it’s free to use! You could demonstrate how to use your newest products, hold a Q&A with your team or even take them on a walk around your business premises. It looks like this feature is going to become more popular this year which is why it isn’t something businesses should ignore.

Expiring Content

Snapchat is being used by many brands around the world, including Taco Bell, Amazon and Dominos, just to name a few. But how can businesses make a successful campaign if the content expires? As well as sending 10 second videos to your Snapchat friends, you can create a collection of Stories which are visible for 24 hours. If you make your content creative and memorable enough it will stand out to your customers, meaning you don’t have to worry about it expiring.

Customer Service Chatbots

Another trend that you should watch out for this year is the rise of automated chatbots. It’s not always possible to be there every minute of the day to answer your customer’s enquiries, especially if you are an SME. That’s where chatbots come in! They can provide important information, like delivery costs and opening times, to your customers. Facebook now supports chatbots within its Messenger service, meaning that businesses can set one up to respond for their company page.

Paid Ads

One problem with social media platforms is that many have changed their algorithms so that posts aren’t necessarily shown in chronological order. This means that you could post something on your company page but it might not get shown when or where you want it to. However, paid ads are a popular and effective way to deal with this problem. You can choose who you want to target based on age, gender, location and for some ads, interests. With analysts predicting a 26.3% global increase on spending for social media ads in 2017, this is something we will certainly be seeing more of.

Personalised Content

Using a traditional approach to content marketing is no longer good enough. Customers want to know what makes them special and how you can help them. This doesn’t just apply to content but social advertising too. If a user sees an advertisement on Facebook or Twitter that isn’t relevant, they won’t be interested in buying. That’s why you need to carefully create your advertisement, focusing on your exclusive selling points. Every business needs to be using personalised content in 2017, otherwise you will lose out to those that are!

Get in touch with Piranha today if you need any help with your social media marketing strategy or are interested in trying any of the trends mentioned in this article. You can call 01772 888 331 or email to speak to a member of the team!

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