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Thousands of Moonfruit Websites Taken Down after Cyber Attack

By piranha

17th December 2015

On Monday, thousands of personal and business websites were taken offline by web hosting company Moonfruit, after they were threatened by cyber-attacks.

For those who aren’t familiar with the company, Moonfruit is a service which helps users to build websites using templates on the site.

The company said that on Thursday it had been hit by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. During this cyber-attack, high volumes of traffic were directed to Moonfruit’s site so that it could not serve legitimate users.

After receiving these security threats, Moonfruit decided to take down websites for “up to 12 hours” so that they could make necessary changes to the infrastructure.

Each Moonfruit customer received an email from the company, which apologised for the short notice which was given for their websites being offline.

Many of the businesses that have websites with Moonfruit have said that this has come at the worst possible time as Christmas is only around the corner.

The company has also received criticism for the way it has handled the situation, with many people saying that there has been a lack of communication between the company and its customers.

Matt Casey, Moonfruit’s director, said in a statement; “We have been working with law enforcement agencies regarding this matter and have spared no time or expense in ensuring we complete the work as quickly as possible.”

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