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A few things for businesses to think about following the latest Facebook redesign

By piranha

10th April 2014

Another update to the Facebook Timeline Page has been announced this week. Facebook officials insist that the new design has been streamlined further to enhance Pages, making it easier for users to find and use the tools they use most often, although some sceptics have suggested that it’s because the old design was too advanced for most people’s computers.

One of the biggest changes that are being made is with the single column News Feed, so each update will appear as a continuous line. There have also been changes to the businesses ‘About’ section within the left hand column. This is designed to make it easier for basic admin roles, as well as offering a ‘pages to Watch’ feature. This allows admins to create lists of similar pages in order to run a constant comparison.

This update will be available to businesses within the next few weeks. Although it’s best to start preparing now and here’s how you can.

1.            Make sure to update your about information.

Since the ‘about’ section will be highlighted, you will want to make sure that all your businesses are up to date. Bricks and mortar businesses will get a map to display their location along with a phone number and opening hours. Visits, apps, videos, photos, reviews and business information will all be displayed, along with page ‘likes’.

All of this information will be available to view in the left hand column of the Page, along with posts from other people.

This will definitely be a worthwhile place to put a link to your website to help drive traffic, along with a description of your business and mission statement.

2.            Pick pages to follow

You will also be able to follow pages that are similar to your own to get an idea of how they run their pages compared to yours. You will be able to gather information such as the competitors total page likes, new page likes, engagement and what they have posted this week. This is quite an interesting new feature as businesses and marketers will now be able to notice sharp rises and drops in competitor’s engagement. This will help alert the user to a strategy change or particularly engaging piece of content or picture.

3.            Name and logo custom apps

The custom apps have moved to the left hand side of the Timeline column, under the ‘About’ section of the page. Icons remain the same size with the name displayed, however businesses may want to upload clean app icons with some descriptive names to them too.

  • Create simply designed images with one clear image or background colour with text.
  • Loud and clear calls to action such as; subscribe here, click here and enter now
  • Keep your designs consistent – this helps users to recognise it as a part of your brand

4.            Don’t worry about daily reach

Watching the ‘People Talking about This’ number and the daily reach of individual posts has long been a practice of those marketing through Facebook. The new layout will include a ‘This Week’ column which will provide information about the ads currently running along with page ‘likes’, post reach and unread notifications for admins. Hopefully this will deter marketers and businesses from getting bogged down in their daily reach and should help them to focus on the weekly reach of their audience.

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