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The Benefits of Social Media for Business

By piranha

16th November 2022

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s a range of strategies you can use to increase your online presence. The ability to connect with your target audience, build relationships with existing customers, and increase your brand visibility makes social media a necessity for every business.

If you’re not taking advantage of all the benefits that social media brings, your digital marketing strategy won’t be as effective as it could be. Not having a social media presence is the definition of a missed opportunity, so let’s get into why you should use social media for business:


Benefits of Organic Social Media Management for Business

  • Maximise your customer service – as a user, we’re more likely to stay loyal to a brand that answers our queries and engages with us, it gives the impression that a company cares about their customers and is there when they need help. The one thing everyone values above everything else is their time. What if they could send you a quick message or tweet at you and get a practically instant response? Social media makes this sort of engagement possible, so your customers can easily get the answers they’re looking for.
  • Engage in conversations – your brand visibility can be increased simply by engaging in conversations on the latest trending topic in your industry. By providing your input, you’re showing your expertise on the subject and allowing social media users to find your business, meaning more people will know about your brand.
  • Show your corporate responsibility – social media gives you a chance to show your support for certain events, topics, or awareness days. People will see that you’re not just there to promote yourself, you’re actively making a stand – customers are beginning to care a lot more about companies’ values and if they align with their own.
  • Don’t be a faceless corporation – people are much more likely to trust companies if they know the faces behind them; sharing pictures of your team in action makes sure you’re providing any potential and existing customers with a sense of transparency. Social media gives your business a chance to show more of your personality and a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how your company operates.
  • Another avenue of promotion – if you’re releasing a new product or service, social media is the perfect channel to create hype around its release. Social media can make products sell out and there are countless examples. Remember the Little Moons craze? These little balls of ice cream mochi were sold out in practically every Tesco in the UK due to a viral TikTok. Sales were boosted by a whopping 700%, so you can understand just how much of an impact promoting your products on social media could have.


If all of these benefits sound great, but you simply don’t have the time, staff, or experience to post on social media regularly, we’ve got the perfect solution. As a digital agency here at Piranha, we’ve got a team of social media experts who know how to interact on each platform and the most effective ways to drive leads. Our experts are flexible and can create a social media plan for businesses within any industry. Interested in social media management? Contact us today and we’ll get in touch with a quote.

However, we’re not done talking about the benefits of implementing social media in your marketing strategy just yet… You shouldn’t just be looking at growing your social media organically, you can also use ads to reach your target audience a lot quicker and more effectively. If you hire a trusted social media marketing agency, the results your business generates from ad campaigns will be more than worth the money you spend on them.


Benefits of Paid Social Media Marketing

  • Instantly reach your target audience – you can be really specific with who you target when you’re running a social media ad campaign. Showing your ads to users based on their job, interests, age, gender, relationship status, and more – so making sure you’re reaching your target demographic has never been easier.
  • Affordable way of generating leads – because you can be so specific with who you target, this means you’re not wasting any money on people that won’t be interested in your products or services. You’ll be using all of your budget effectively whilst reaching as many people as possible.
  • Grow your audience – you might not just create a sale or lead from an ad; you could potentially create loyal customers who will follow your page and keep updated on your latest offers. The more people that follow you, the more your brand visibility increases. The exposure that advertising on social media creates is immense.
  • Supports your organic social media strategy – a lot of social media platforms have made it extremely difficult to grow your account organically due to the high amount of competition. The average organic Facebook Page post sees just 0.07% engagement. In 2021 this was 5.20% (source: Hootsuite). Implementing a paid social media strategy alongside your organic one makes it a lot easier to maximise results and grow your page.
  • Measurable – each social media platform provides analytics so you can measure how well your campaign has performed. This includes how many leads or purchases it’s generated, and the number of impressions, link clicks, and engagements the ad has gained.

Creating a social media marketing campaign requires the expertise and experience that the Piranha team possess. We can help you with all of your social media requirements, simply contact us and you’ll be getting the most out of your budget in no time.

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