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    Overview Of Service

    The WordPress Enhanced Website Security Support package from Piranha Digital is a fully managed and enhanced security support package developed to counteract the increased levels of hacking attempts and viral activity detected by the website security community. It has been developed specifically to support websites built on the leading WordPress platform. The package includes measures designed to reduce the likelihood of attacks, to provide backup and contingency solutions and insurance that should the worst happen, then Piranha will address and fix your WordPress website and restore it the condition before the attack at no additional cost to you.

    Software Platforms Covered

    • All versions of WordPress
    • Woocommerce (the e-commerce solution for WordPress)
    • Website containing approved WordPress plugins
    • WordPress websites with 3rd party integrations

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    A recent security announcement by Google identified a 32% increase in the number of hacked websites with many of these due to compromised passwords, missing security updates and insecure themes and plugins. Whilst security patches are often released by the major platforms, often the providers of 3rd party plugins and extensions are not so vigilant in providing these patches making them the source of attack.

    Older websites appear to be more vulnerable, and hackers are becoming more sophisticated. Once a website is hacked, the process to cleanse the site and restore it to its former performance can be an extracted and expensive process with a legacy of security hurdles to overcome including Google flagging the site as insecure or compromised and larger organisations blocking the site altogether.


    What the Package Includes

    • Wordfence installed and configured, which offers the best in class protection for your site security.
    • Enhanced, full daily remote backups of your website (files and database) for the last 7 days, Friday morning for the last 2 weeks and 1st day of the month for the last 3 months.
    • Premium disaster recovery plan: Full working remote backups restored within 4 hours (within office hours).
    • Monthly ‘file permission’ checks, ensuring there are no new site vulnerabilities that can be exploited.
    • Quarterly password update reminders.
    • Plugin installed to protect against brute force attacks on the default admin logins.
    • Priority technical support – responding to any security related queries (including analysis, implementation of a fix and security correspondence).
    • Version control for all files on the website which would ensure any unauthorised file changes are identified.
    • Plugins reviewed quarterly for any new vulnerabilities.
    • Repairing sites that have been affected by a hack/virus.
    • Dealing with 3rd parties for a resolution to problems.
    • Re-submitting sites to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and DuckDuckGo.
    • Reporting: Each month you will receive an overview report confirming the completion of the tasks covered within the package.

    The enhanced website security support is in addition to any current support you receive and does not affect any other services we currently provide for you. This support solution has been created in response to the changes that are currently happening within the digital marketplace.

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