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Study reveals Facebook’s most common scams

By piranha

4th November 2014

A study, which has been observing Facebook Users over the past two years, has found that over 850,000 scams have targeted the social media site. The scams share similar traits, so we can look for common warning signs before clicking on any unfamiliar link.

They promise users exclusive content and freebies in an attempt to get them to click. These are filled with threats and viruses which can harm and damage your computer.

The first one and most common one is the ‘find out who has been looking at your profile’ scam. People may be curious to find out if an ex, parent or other figure has been looking what they have been doing on the network and so the link can seem very appealing.

In the past two years, fake give-aways have been responsible for 16.5 percent of the total of scams. These can be disguised as free holidays or gaming tickets, which draw the user in under the false pretence that they are getting something for nothing.

Another common form of scam which is appearing on Facebook is the ‘click to see this video.’ The majority are promising content of a sexual, tasteless or violent nature, which goes against everything that the site is supposed to stand for.

Bitdefender,  the security company which has conducted this study, has said that: ‘Anyone could fall victim to a Facebook scam at one point in their life as cyber-criminals always pull the right psychological triggers.’

Around 1 in 3 scams offers the user a new experience, like themes, colours and dislike buttons. It seems that people need to think about what they do carefully if they want to stay safe on the web. If Facebook hasn’t released these features on the site, it probably isn’t legit!

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