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Social Network Launched for Neighbours

By piranha

15th September 2016

Have you ever wondered what your neighbours are like? Well, now you can find out! A brand new social network has been released which lets you get to know them better, as well as find out about crime in the area.

The network, which was built by start-up company Nextdoor, has been a huge success with users in the US.

After seeing the popularity of the platform there, the company decided to expand the network even further by rolling it out in the Netherlands, which hit screens back in February.

In order to join the site, you will need to provide your address including the postcode and it will then connect you with other users in your area.

You will also be asked for your phone number when registering. If you don’t want to supply this, you can opt to have a postcard sent out to your address as an alternative way to confirm your account.

The layout will be similar to Facebook where you can see your connection’s status updates and public posts.

The company’s CEO, Nirav Tolia, said in a statement; “Every neighbour, in every neighbourhood, would benefit from a platform that makes it easier to connect and communicate with the people who live right next door.”

He also thinks the network will play a huge role in the current Brexit situation; saying they “feel like Nextdoor is something that will help weather the storm.”

For the neighbourhood social media platform to be successful, it will need to keep users engaged and interested. Many have tried and failed in the past, and it will undoubtedly take a lot to compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

One plus for them is that there isn’t much out there like it. On the other hand, people may prefer to go out and speak to their neighbours in person rather than signing up to yet another social media account.

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