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    Social Media Marketing Packages from Piranha Digital

    A social media marketing package from Piranha combines several services aimed at marketing your business across social media. In most cases, these packages will be for a minimum 12 month period and will include multiple social media networks. This will enable Piranha to deliver a front-loaded campaign within the total allocated time.

    We have learned that our clients favour a clear, actionable plan for their social media campaigns. Clarifying our process plan in concise steps helps communication throughout the project, ultimately leading to a happier client.

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    Our Process Plan


    Firstly, Piranha will carry out a comprehensive audit of a client’s current social media presence. This will involve establishing which networks they are currently active on and how well they are performing, which are currently bringing the most value and how the audience profiles compare to competitors’ or similarly focused businesses.

    Piranha will then identify 3 main competitors for research and benchmarking. Researching and running a competitor analysis of the 3 main competitors with an audit of activity frequency and nature of content will help us establish the level of competition and help establish our strategy, the content, and the frequency of posts.


    Following the research, we will then benchmark all activity and results alongside that of the chosen competitors. This will provide a starting point to the campaign and enable us to show improvements to online presence and the success when measured against our chosen benchmarked competitors.

    Clarify Target Audiences  

    It is easy to think the consumer of the products/services of the client is our social media target audience, but we will have many different audiences with different content requirements. The identification of ideal customer groups, geographical location, age, gender, interests, careers, and network locations (most active networks, groups joined and associated with etc.) is therefore critical at this stage.

    Setting Campaign Goals

    Goal setting and objectives – this includes the setting of key success metrics, e.g. increased followers, engagement, website visits and brand mentions with the goal of increased enquiries and sales. With our potential diverse audiences, it is likely we will set different goals and objectives for each sector and social platform used.

    Network Selection

    This phase will involve the selection all the suitable networks to gain the greatest exposure for the client. This is likely to include, but is not restricted to, the main social media networks outlined below.

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest

    Concept/Campaign Creation

    The social media team at Piranha will create a clear strategic plan for the delivery of the social media campaign based on the goals, the objectives, the marketplace, and the level of activity of the competitors. This will be achieved by utilising concept creation for regular features which will create an audience response, e.g., focus on new products, offers, competitions and enquiry led posts.

    Scheduled Delivery

    Piranha will schedule the creation of high quality, engaging content for selected networks. Content may include, but is not restricted to, images, videos, company and market news, infographics, eBooks, interviews, and competitions. The frequency and type of content will be dictated by the available budget. A full calendar and schedule of post types and their frequency will be created once the budget/proposal has been agreed.

    Regular Meetings

    As part of the social media plan, regular meetings are scheduled to review previous work and plan the month’s work ahead. In a digital world, it is easy to rely on conference calls, worksheets, e-mails etc. but the reality is, nothing works better than face to face strategic meetings in improving a campaigns performance.

    Support from Other Departments

    Social media is all about sharing information, but the reality is, it is about creativity to maximise engagement and campaign reach. At Piranha Digital we have a team of professionals providing support design services, concepts, photography, copywriting, and video production which generates the high quality, unique content required to make this social media campaign a real success. To maximise the budget, we may need to use existing content/photography, or we can quote for one off projects such as photography.

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    Monthly Reporting

    Each month you will get a personally created social media marketing report on the performance of the social campaign, presented in a way you will understand. We will discuss what elements you want in your report such as number of followers, likes, engagement, enquiries etc. This goes way beyond any standard reporting. It is also available on our reporting hub and forms a part of the agenda for our regular social media strategy meetings with you.


    “Piranha Solutions has been instrumental in developing and improving Trust Inns Limited’s social media presence and content. The team are both creative and effective and are always open to reviewing and improving campaigns as and when necessary. A big plus, is that they’re a fun team to work with too! I’d not hesitate to recommend them!”

    Marianne Rose, Marketing & Commercial Manager - Trust Inns

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