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    Social Media Marketing

    At Piranha Digital, we often get asked, so what exactly is social media? This can be answered simply by one statement; social media is categorised as the different forms of online communication used by people to create communities, networks, and groups to share information, ideas, messages, and other content via shared interests, demographics, or beliefs. The term social media excludes the traditional forms of communication such as radio, TV and print, but in theory social media could be used to describe any communication channel where a common thread links individuals or groups.

    It feels like social media (and therefore social media marketing) has been with us forever, but it is worth remembering that Facebook has only been around since 2004 (launched to the public on 4th February 2004 to be exact) – 3 years after the launch of our company, Piranha Digital! By the first quarter of 2019, the number of global Facebook users had surpassed 2.38 billion.

    The first website to be known as being the first social media website is a site called Six Degrees which allowed people to create individual profiles and add other profiles to their personal network. Launched in 1997, Six Degrees had 3.5million users at its height and commanded a price tag of $125million when it was purchased by YouthStream Media Networks in 1999. However, the investment didn’t really pay off as the site was closed just a year later.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Management Services from Piranha

    In some cases, managing your own social media marketing campaigns can be the right solution for your business, but a time comes when you must decide whether your time is more valuable running your business and dealing with clients and customers than getting bogged down in planning strategies, creating content, sharing information, and trying to understand your return on investment from the almost unlimited social engagement analytical tools available.

    Piranha Digital provides a full social media marketing/management service designed to take the pain out of managing your social and online presence. Each client receives a simple to understand Social Media Proposal first and then a full Social Media Strategy complete with clear deliverables, timeframes, budgets and a demonstration of the work input from us as well as any involvement from you, the client. The vast majority of our Social Media Management services are delivered on an agreed weekly cycle, with a fixed fee approach to billing and for an agreed minimum time period. All of which is discussed at the planning stage and included within your social media strategy document.

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    Why Choose Piranha Digital as Your Social Media Marketing Management Agency?

    Piranha started trading in 2001, Just 4 years after the first recognised social media platform, Six Degrees was launched, and 3 years before Facebook was launched to the public in America. As we have grown up with Social media at Piranha and travelled the social media marketing journey together, we have been at the forefront of understanding the complexities of social media marketing, changing trends and providing exceptional results for our clients both in the b2b and b2c sectors. We have a specialist in-house team of qualified social media experts who understand the different segments inhabited by the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and so on.


    • Piranha first started delivering social media marketing management services in 2009.
    • We have an unrivalled level of expertise in delivering results driven social media campaigns for our clients – the results we have obtain prove our strategies work.
    • Our social media management fees are extremely competitively priced and provide excellent value for money, not only compared to other agencies, but also compared to the cost of providing the services in-house.
    • Our social media management team consists of highly qualified and accredited professionals who live and breathe social media.
    • We specialise in both consumer and trade social media campaigns.
    • You will be assigned both a Social Media account manager and a social Media professional who will work with you to deliver the social campaign.
    • Piranha has an in-house creative team able to create high quality, visual content for your social campaigns.
    • Strong management team overseeing all social media campaigns.
    • A strong portfolio of successful social media projects and social media case studies across most industry sectors.
    • In-depth monthly reporting and communications regarding the effectiveness of all social media campaigns running.

    Our Work

    Social Media Management Examples from Piranha

    Over the years, our portfolio of successful social media campaigns and case studies has grown as the appeal of social media marketing has extended across more traditional business sectors, and more of our clients choose to include social media marketing into their daily marketing tasks. We have been providing social media services since 2009 and have plenty of outstanding case studies showcasing the work we have done, the results we have achieved and the difference we have made to our clients’ businesses.

    Social Media Management Services

    What You Get from Piranha

    The first thing you receive when you work with us here at Piranha is a professional social media team dedicated to ensuring your social media reputation is upheld, your social marketing objectives are reached, and your target audiences are fully engaged with your content. What you also get as standard, is a clear working process plan which underpins the creativity of the work we do.

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    Our Services

    Low-Cost Fixed Fee Social Media Management

    At Piranha we keep the finances as simple as possible. Based on the initial discussions and the creation of the social media strategy, we propose a fixed monthly fee solution to delivering your campaign over the agreed time frame. This fee covers all the internal costs incurred at piranha and all the management time to deliver your social campaign.

    Social Media Competitor Analysis

    Stage 1 is to understand where you sit in the market, who the competitors are and what level of social media activity they are delivering. Our in-house social media team will research and present to you a full competitor analysis which will show the platforms being used, the volume of content being delivered and the type of information.

    Clarification of Campaign Goals

    Our research and strategic meetings with our clients enable us to clarify the goals and objectives of the social media strategy. These are all confirmed and agreed before the delivery of the social media campaign.

    The Production a Strategic Plan

    Our social media team will create a clear strategic plan for the delivery of the social media campaign based on your goals, your objectives, the marketplace, and the level of activity of your competitors.

    The Setting of Budgets

    Social media budgets can be set in several ways. We work closely with our clients to establish the correct social media budget for them using several different approaches.

    1. As a percentage of the historical marketing budget
    2. Based on the calculated level of activity /expenditure of competitors
    3. Based on the cost to deliver a number of agreed tasks
    4. Based on the cost to reach agreed goals
    5. The average value of a sale or new customer acquisition

    The Delivery of Ongoing, Engaging Social Media Content

    This is ultimately the core of our social media management service, the delivery of quality, engaging content to an agreed schedule or calendar of events.

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    Monthly Reporting

    Each month you will get a personally created social media marketing report on the performance of your social campaign, presented in a way you will understand. Your social media account manager will discuss what elements you want in your report such as number of followers, likes, engagement, enquiries etc. This goes way beyond any standard reporting. It is also available on or reporting hub and forms a part of the agenda for our regular social media strategy meetings with you.

    Access to Your Results Through our Online Hub

    In additional to the monthly reports, our social media management clients are set up on our bespoke system and have access to our social media reporting hub so results and reports can be viewed 24/7.

    Regular Meetings

    As part of the social media plan, regular meetings are scheduled to review previous work and plan the month’s work ahead. In a digital world, it is easy to rely on conference calls, worksheets, e-mails etc., however the reality is that nothing works better than face to face strategic meetings in improving a campaign’s performance.

    Support from Other Departments

    Social media is all about sharing information, but the reality is, it is also about creativity to maximise engagement and campaign reach. At Piranha Digital we have a team of over 20 professionals providing support design services, concepts, photography, copywriting, and video production which generates the high quality, unique content required to make your social media campaign a real success.

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    Benefits of Social Media Marketing & a Managed Service from Piranha

    • Social Media Marketing is a low-cost marketing tactic
    • All budgets and costs can be pre-defined
    • Simple, low cost monthly social management fee
    • Transparent reporting of the results of your campaign
    • Fully managed service
    • B2B and B2C social experts in-house
    • In-house design and development team to support campaigns
    • Better value, better results and lower costs than managing it yourself
    • The region’s leading full-service digital agency


    “Piranha Solutions has been instrumental in developing and improving Trust Inns Limited’s social media presence and content. The team are both creative and effective and are always open to reviewing and improving campaigns as and when necessary. A big plus, is that they’re a fun team to work with too! I’d not hesitate to recommend them!”

    Marianne Rose, Marketing & Commercial Manager - Trust Inns Limited

    Our Conclusion at Piranha Digital

    Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and so are the rewards of high-quality social media marketing campaigns.

    The growth in social media shows little sign of slowing. With Facebook alone having 2.7 billion users, new platforms are emerging all the time to take advantage of new demographics and new user needs. One thing is clear however, the journey of Facebook shows that customer bases grow older as the platform ages, so the challenges for older platforms will be to engage with younger audiences who tend to join new platforms. Social media also has an influence on SEO, specifically affecting rankings on Google and Bing so we strongly recommend to our clients to include social media marketing into an integrated digital marketing plan.

    Now is the time to start your Social Media campaign with Piranha Digital or move your existing Social Media Management account from your existing agency to us. Call us today on 01772 888331 for a free consultation and start increasing customer engagement from your social media activity.

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