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The Top Social Media Trends of 2017

By piranha

9th January 2017

Social media is a truly immense industry and the average UK person spends more than a quarter of their time online using social media platforms.

We’ve all heard the names; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. With 1.18 billion people actively using Facebook alone every day, it can really pay to keep an eye on technological developments across the social media giants.

Following a recent Advanced Web Ranking blog, we thought we’d take a look at some of the bigger social media trends expected to have a bearing on 2017.

  • Fake News is Big News

As we discussed in a previous Piranha blog post, fake news has become an enormous issue for social media companies. Facebook received a lot of flak in 2016 because of misleading and unpoliced articles being shared about the US General Election.

Google has also been developing more sophisticated algorithms designed to weed out false information and avoid misleading users in the future.

Because of these pressures, companies and individuals should be very careful to ensure their sources of information are trustworthy. If they are perceived as misleading by search engines or social media outlets, their rankings could plummet over the coming months.

  • Visual Content is Key

Visual content is expected to gain precedence over textual content in 2017. As John Stone points out in his Advanced Web Ranking blog, ‘brands will certainly invest more of their time and resources into… visually-pleasing, quality content.’

This type of content can include videos, infographics and live social media. A shift to more immediately engaging content has been on the cards ever since mobile users outnumbered desktop users in the US back in March 2015.

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual reality headsets are big business and are one of the largest breakthrough technologies of the last few years. Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that social media giants are trying to integrate VR with the act of social networking.

In 2016, Facebook bought the industry forerunner Oculus as a clear mark of intent. Owner Mark Zuckerberg said that he wanted users to be able to share ‘not just moments with [their] friends online, but entire experiences and adventures.’

One adventure we’ll surely experience is VR technology coming to the fore in 2017.

Here at Piranha we always keep looking forward. As we enter a new year there are sure to be changes, whether predicted or not, in the world of digital marketing. Our experience and expertise allow us to fulfil all your marketing requirements with a high level of professionalism.

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