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Social Media for Website Success

By piranha

18th July 2017

Social media is perhaps the defining worldwide phenomenon of the 21st Century so far. But is it important for the SEO of your website? Let’s take a look…

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – there’s no shortage of social media networks for companies to choose from. In their most basic sense, these platforms allow businesses to communicate instantly and directly with customers in a way that companies in the past could only dream of.

Both in simple and complex ways, social media is a key factor in the success of all modern websites.

The Power of Social

The number of social media users worldwide totalled 2.34 billion in 2016. That figure is set to rise year-on-year for the foreseeable future. To gain even a tiny proportion of that audience (and those potential customers!), an online presence is necessary.

This is an important point to remember; even if the average business cannot hope to reach an appreciable percentage of those billions of users, following an appropriate social plan can generate leads and increase brand awareness. This is true even for the smallest of companies.

Influencing Your Audience

In his Huffington Post story this week, Paul Blanchard highlighted the raw power of social media at influencing public opinion. There can be no example more obvious than that of US President Donald Trump, whose forthright and somewhat bizarre Twitter rampages are fast becoming a daily section on news bulletins around the world.

Whilst many may disagree with Trump’s brand of politics, there can be no argument that his opinion-dividing social media activity has created a rapport with a certain audience. It has also generated much support since the start of his presidential bid.

For companies, public posts and shares can be used to generate a brand image. Sharing or posting relevant or helpful articles and images can help to directly increase interest in your business.

Using social media as a means of communication is instantaneous, free and simple to achieve. Trump is a great example of how online social channels can be used to garner followers and generate public interest.

The Technical Side

An active presence on social media is also helpful for technical SEO. Google now counts the number of social visitors to your site and displays that information in its analytics data. What’s more, search engines take these associated factors into account:

  • The strength of the website’s social traffic.
  • The frequency at which the company posts on social media.
  • The rate of engagement (shares, likes etc.) those posts achieve.

Only Google truly knows the relative importance of social ranking signals like these. However, general consensus is that they are extremely important for the website’s technical SEO. Search engines perceive websites with good engagement rates as relevant to audiences and more likely to answer any questions searchers may have.

Social media posts often link to blog posts and other articles on the company’s website. This keeps the site’s page content fresh: another important ranking factor.

Introducing Social PPC

A recent development in the world of social media is PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. Just like Google Ads, businesses can choose to pay platforms including Facebook to ‘boost’ their posts.

Doing so increases the number of users who see each post and prevents it from being lost in the ether. This is a very important point to consider when there are 293,000 status updates per minute on Facebook alone.

PPC on Facebook represents a great opportunity for businesses. People volunteer a large amount of information online, ranging from marketing preferences to gender, age groups and other demographics. Facebook’s PPC allows companies to target specific audiences with a high level of accuracy. This keeps cost down and conversions rates up.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) from Piranha

We’ve met lots of businesses who don’t believe social media is relevant to them or to their particular industry. The simple fact is that social is an important ranking factor for search engines. Any business which refuses to invest in social media is neglecting a key aspect of its SEO.

There’s no doubt about it; regardless of whether your company sells directly to the public or not, the lack of a social presence online will be weakening your site.

At Piranha, we have a dedicated social media marketing team capable of creating and executing an SMM plan. Firstly, we set our goals (e.g. enquiries or sales). Then we’ll look at the best platforms to generate goal conversions. Lastly, we’ll review our social strategy and refine our approach to further improve success rates.

Whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter, organic or PPC, our SEO knowledge can harness the power of social media and help your business succeed. Call our team on 01772 888331 or email to discuss your SMM today!

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