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Snapchat Launches Location Sharing Feature

By piranha

26th June 2017

Snapchat is always looking for new and exciting ways to engage with its audience. Over the past year, we have seen many new features rolled out on the platform, from 3D World Lenses to Custom Stories.

Last week, the photo-sharing platform rolled out a new feature called “Snap Map”. This allows you to see where in the world your Snapchat friends are, showing you the city, street name and, slightly creepier, the exact house.

If you don’t want your location to be accessible, you can enter Ghost Mode. This means that you will still be able to see your friend’s location, as long as they aren’t in Ghost Mode too, but they won’t be able to see you.

To turn on Ghost Mode:

  • Go to the Snap Map homepage by opening your camera screen and zooming out using the finger pinching motion. You will then be able to see your bitmoji icon on the map, along with your friend’s locations.
  • In the top right-hand corner, there should be a little gear icon. Click on this and it will open your settings.
  • Tick the Ghost Mode box and your location will then be hidden.

You will be automatically opted into this service, so don’t forget to change this privacy setting if you don’t want your location to be shown.

In a blog post, Snapchat said; “We’ve built a whole new way to explore the world! See what’s happening, find your friends and get inspired to go on an adventure!”

“It’s easy to get started – just pinch to zoom out and view the Map! You decide if you want to share your location with friends or simply keep it to yourself with Ghost Mode.”

“If your friends are sharing their location with you, their Actionmoji will appear on the Map. Actionmojis only update when you open Snapchat.”

Parents around the world have already raised concerns about Snap Maps as it could make users easy targets for things like bullying, harassment and stalking. This reaction comes as no surprise as after all, many of Snapchat’s users are young adults and teenagers.

Snap Maps are now available to users across the globe, whether you are using iOS Or Android. If you can’t see the feature yet, you will probably need to update the app to the latest version.

Are you going to let your Snapchat friends to see your location or have you already switched to Ghost Mode? Let us know what you think about the feature on Facebook or Twitter!

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