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Snapchat confirm deal with Foursquare

By piranha

28th November 2016

After quite a lot of discussion, Snap Inc (the creators of Snapchat) has finally agreed to partner up with Foursquare. Together they will create better-targeted geofilters, so that people can use them wherever they are in the world.

Snapchat will soon have access to Foursquare’s map that has over 90 million locations when running geofilter campaigns – the colourful graphics that overlay Snapchat’s images and videos.

They will use Foursquare to power its location-based geo filters meaning that marketers can advertise at a much more precise location/audience.

Even though Snapchat gave advertisers access to location data a year ago, that data wasn’t very precise which meant they could only advertise to big cities and even countries. With this new deal, advertisers will now be able to advertise specifically to who they want and where they want using Foursquare’s data.

For example, in the past marketers could only advertise to big cities like London or Manchester but now they will be able to advertise to more local parts of these cities like Brentford or Salford.

According to Snap Inc, the deal will open thousands of locations which brands can buy ads for, like museums and parks. The deal will also give the opportunity for businesses to buy filters that individual users can use when sending photos.

Snapchat is now the newest platform to benefit from Foursquare’s data for ad targeting, with the company signing deals earlier this year with Twitter, Apple, Pinterest and Uber.

What are your opinions on the new deal between Snapchat and Foursquare? Do you think Snapchat could be the next big advertising platform? Let us know on either Twitter or Facebook.

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