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Snapchat Begins Cracking Down on Explicit Content

By piranha

27th January 2017

If you have been paying attention to the news recently, you may have heard that social media sites have been in the firing line when it comes to explicit content. Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants are being called on by the UK Government to tackle this problem.

On Monday, Snapchat made changes to its guidelines in an attempt to protect younger people using the app. The new guidelines will affect its Discover service, which is the section of the app for publishers.

Cover images and tiles will no longer be allowed to contain sexualised content, such as photos containing nudity or sex acts.

Another thing that will banned under the new guidelines are images that contain clothed but sexualised bodies.

The exception to these rules will be images and videos that have newsworthy value, for example, if they are being used for a sexual health campaign or article.

As a publisher, it will now be your responsibility to fact check everything that is posted on the app. Anyone that posts links to misleading or fraudulent content will be in breach of the new guidelines and will probably be banned from using Snapchat.

Speaking about the latest changes, the company said that they will “prohibit sensitive content, including profanity, overly sexualized content, and violent content.”

“We take the responsibility of being a source of news, entertainment and information for our community of more than 150 million daily active Snapchatters very seriously. Our updated Content Guidelines will help our editorial partners tell these stories.”

One of the main challenges for the app is that users only need to be 13 to sign up and anyone can see stories on Discover. This means that if companies are using risqué images to sell their products, these young users see them.

The new guidelines are just one of the things that Snapchat is doing to combat fake news and explicit content. Next month, they will also be releasing a tool that will allow publishers to set age restrictions for their content. This means that photos that aren’t suitable for children and young users won’t be available on their news feeds.

Do you think that Snapchat’s latest move will help combat explicit content? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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