A step in the right direction for your Facebook news feed

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A small step in the right direction for your Facebook news feed…..

By piranha

28th August 2014

What appears on your Facebook feed is a matter of contention for most people, with different algorithms making up the news feed, there are a range of factors which can decrease its value. From Facebook themselves ‘deciding’ what you should see, adverts which have no relation to your interests, to posts which sometimes confuse and enrage when your satirical radar isn’t working it’s best, most would agree that improvements can be made.

One of the increasing recent trends is that of the ambiguously titled “click-bait” articles. If you have a look through your Facebook feed now, it probably won’t take too long for you to find an article on an external site which falls into this category.

“You’ll never guess who…”

“This crazy celebrity just…”

Other headlines which give no real information about the article are all too common on Facebook. Rather than letting you know some information as to what you will be reading about, these titles leave you wondering – and often ending – in wondering why you clicked it in the first place.

Facebook has decided to clamp down on these useless links in an attempt to give you more valuable and interesting links on your newsfeed. Using a selection of factors, these click-bait links will get a lower rank compared to other stories, which will ultimately end up with less of them being shown on your newsfeed.

If a link is clicked on and then a user comes straight back to Facebook, it gives the impression that the link was not helpful or what the person wanted. If page views have a high bounce rate, then it will lower the rank of a link, making it less likely to be shown to you.

Other factors which will be taken into account include the number of likes a link gets, the shares gained and elements on the page away from Facebook, such as comments and interactions.

Popular sites such as Upworthy and BuzzFeed often come under fire from critics for their click-bait articles, but these are likely to avoid this Facebook update. They gain real shares, likes, comments and tend to retain visitors by clicking on other articles.

Sites which try and mimic these more popular sites often give very little in the way of visitor satisfaction, which is just the kind of site which this update plans to remove from your Newsfeed.

With paid advertising and liked pages not always appearing and the selection of the top stories on your news feed, this update is not going to give you exactly what you want all the time, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

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