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SEO Trends for 2018 – Link Building & Visual Search

By piranha

21st November 2017

As promised last month, here is the second instalment within our series of SEO Trends for 2018. We are presenting you with some techniques which are vital for increasing traffic and attracting a niche audience to a website.

Link Building

Now I know what you are thinking, have we been living underneath a rock this entire time? Of course not!

Whilst backlinks may not be a “new” trend, they are still a trend nevertheless. We aren’t saying goodbye to our dear friend just yet.

Link Building is an essential part to search optimisation.

Competition for places on page one is increasing every day. Therefore, it is vital to create a strategy that will work best for you.

Now don’t worry, this isn’t going to be mission impossible, rather a walk through the park.

One simple rule:

Quality over Quantity.

The saying ‘the more the merrier’ doesn’t always necessarily come into play, especially considering the aim of backlinks is to add value to a website.

Think of it this way, would you rather have websites linking back to your site which lower your value, or websites which are directing a more niche audience to your site? We know which one we are going for!

We must agree, link building can be tedious at times, but good things come to those who wait.

That is exactly the point of backlinks – through time and effort, backlinks are an effective long-term process.

Our point is that Link Building is more beneficial to a website in the long-term.

It’s an oldie, but it’s a goodie!

Guest Blogs

Backlinks can be created through many different websites, with the main types being through Directories and Guest Blogs.

Guest blogging is a great way to link back to your website, but here’s where the aspect of challenge comes into play.

Whilst guest blogs are a great way to build links to a website, Google is starting to crack down on the issues with ‘spammy’ and questionable links, based on a report in May this year.

All this means is that more time may need to be spent on link building.

Instead of adding a single link, inputting an original and accurate description of the website to the backlink profile could increase the credibility.

Think of it this way, the more you give, the more you get in return – simple.

Remember our rule? Quality over Quantity – it can make the world of a difference.

All this leads towards building a series of successful backlink profiles to hopefully increase referral traffic and conversions to a website. See, it’s easy!

But that’s not all – let’s delve further into what 2018 has to offer!

Visual Search Engines

Nowadays, we don’t leave much up to our imagination, especially with use of visual search becoming more vastly used.

Visual search is something which we all partake in every day of our lives.

When someone starts to describe an object, our brains will engage in trying to visualise the object, which is a natural response. As humans, the idea of imagining what something looks like, or recalling what an object looks like, will make it easier to process.

In comes visual search engines!

Major companies such as Google, Bing and Pinterest have decided to jump on the bandwagon by developing powerful visual search engines.

The fact that Pinterest is a photo based company with over 200 million monthly users, it shows that visual content can massively influence people.

Think of it like this… When looking for homemade pizza ideas, would you read the description of a specific pizza or view an image of said pizza?

Most people will agree looking at the pizza is the more appeasing option.

But why stop there?

We know that visual search engines require a text input into the search engine to produce a response, which will generate a series of images. The way in which this works is with the use of keywords.

The smart thing with most visual search engines is that they will present suggestions of keywords which link to the object which has been searched for.

Let’s keep on the theme of pizza.

Google, for example, will provide suggestive keywords which link to ‘homemade pizza ideas’. Therefore, you could narrow down your search results to:

  • Easy Homemade Pizza Ideas
  • Easy Hawaiian Homemade Pizza Ideas

Or (to be specific)

  • Easy Vegan Hawaiian Homemade Pizza Ideas.

By doing this, you can find a more niche topic which is suitable to you.

Moving on Up!

With the competition fiercer than ever, visual search engines are expanding to become even more sophisticated.

Look at Pinterest – with the use of Pinterest Lens, you can take a photo on a smartphone, which Pinterest will interpret to find related Pins and Ideas. How amazing is that?

Now, with the launch of Google Lens and Bing recently re-launching their visual search to place shoppable images, the potential for visual search is ever expanding.

To ensure that visual search will make an impact to a website’s search optimisation, there is a need to use high quality visual content on a website.

That way, images from the website have the potential of being recognised on visual search engines, which hopefully brings more traffic to the website.

Competition is always going to be here, but standing out in 2018 by making use of visual search may just be the icing to the cake for most SEO strategies.

There’s no time to be waiting on the side-lines, it’s time to dive in!

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