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Selfie Payments Could Be Coming to Amazon!

By piranha

15th March 2016

Do you worry about security when buying items on-line? Amazon knows that this is a problem for customers throughout the world and is thinking of ways to tackle security threats.

Amazon recently filed a patent application, which will allow users to pay for goods on the site by taking a selfie. The company hopes that this will offer customers much more security than the standard password payment.

One of the main problems with passwords is that if they are not complex enough, they can be easily hacked. Adding capital letters, numbers and symbols is a good way to prevent this but makes it harder for you to remember and type, especially if you have autocorrect on your phone!

In a statement, they said; “While many conventional approaches rely on password entry for user authentication, these passwords can be stolen or discovered by other persons who can impersonate the user for any of a variety of tasks,” the application states.

“Furthermore, the entry of these passwords on portable devices is not user friendly in many cases, as the small touchscreen or keyboard elements can be difficult to accurately select using a relatively large human finger, and can require the user to turn away from friends or co-workers when entering a password, which can be awkward or embarrassing in many situations.”

The company has also suggested that selfies are much safer than facial recognition software which “can often be spoofed by holding a picture of the user in front of the camera, as the resulting two-dimensional image can look substantially the same whether taken of the user or a picture of the user.”

To use this new payment method, customers would need to take an initial selfie which will confirm their identity. The second photo taken will let Amazon know how close you are to the computer by adjusting your positions slightly and will ensure that it is you that is actually buying the product.

At the moment, customers are able to pay for goods on the site through a one click confirmation. This means that they just need to click the buy now button after logging in and the cost will be charged to the saved payment method and sent to the usual delivery address.

Amazon aren’t the first company to show interest in selfie payment software. Last month, credit card company MasterCard announced that they would be using selfies and fingerprints for payment security in the future. They have been testing these methods out on customers in the US and Netherlands, with 92% of those involved preferring them to passwords.

Would you use the selfie software when paying for goods on Amazon? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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