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A few reasons why businesses should use Social Media

By piranha

7th March 2014

If you still haven’t started promoting your business online, then here are some excellent reasons to do so.

Every successful business relies on its understanding of their demographics along with providing excellent customer relations. By having Social Media Accounts you will be able to gather information about what type of customer your product or service is relevant to, while being able to actively engage one to one.

These Social Media forums are also an excellent way to include customers in the development process of your services, giving them a more personal link to you as a company. These platforms are also excellent ways to gain an insight into what these customers are interested in, allowing you to tailor content for the best results.

Social Media is being rapidly accepted across all industries as a must do in any marketing campaign, especially as a staggeringly large amount of people are signing in every day. This allows businesses to reach massive amounts of people with news on their products with little effort. However there are still those resisting the online marketing approach, which is proving detrimental for their business.

Customer Service

Social Media creates a closer relationship between the customer and supplier. Media outlets like Twitter are fantastic tools for people who have pre-sales or support related queries as you can address each query directly and publicly, potentially solving issues and answering queries for a wider audience at the same time. This gives the company a chance to look great by actively engaging with the individual, you not only show you care, but you also answer a question that no doubt many others will ask later on, potentially removing the need to answer the same question repeatedly. It is crucial that the business in question is constantly monitoring their Social Media Profiles for mentions of the brand and for opportunities to engage with the public to show its human element.

Allowing customers to have real time interaction with a company that may have been an intimidating entity before, gives them the chance to feel appreciated and so quite often go away happy and spreading the word about the brand in question.

Social Media helps to create further distinction between brands

Having the Social Media platform available allows you to reach many millions of people with a few clicks of a button, making it easier to spread brand awareness through attractive banners and graphics, while spreading outstanding content.

It also helps to show that the people behind the brand have personality, it helps customers to warm to their product and encourages them to engage with the profile actively and while this may not be a purchase exactly, their friends are being notified of their activity with your brand which may gain more likes and shares which may lead to more sales.

Helps to control and understand your reputation

It is highly important for any brand to have some element of control over their reputation, which is why it is important to have Social Media Profiles, as quite often these platforms are ideal places for people to vent their gratitude and frustrations about companies that provide good or bad service. For example: How many people have you seen post complaints about Utility services that have been late? So it is important to have your finger on the pulse, to allow you to make the appropriate statements and even maybe recognise the changes that you as a company may need to make.

Being able to turn around negative press into positive through these public platforms can have an immensely powerful effect. Companies quite often negate empathy as a means to sell their products, however, to truly understand your customer you must be able to hear them and take on board what they have to say. Having turned a troubled customer into a happy individual means they are less likely to spread bad press about your brand and are more likely to spread the news of how understanding and reliable you are.

Increases trust

Since most brands can be faceless and intimidating, with the only interaction often occurring with the delivery man or the teller at the checkout, having active Social Media profiles can help to demonstrate the personality and ethic that the brand wants to embody.

The more active an account is, the more likely your brand is to gain the trust of potential customers. The customers can see how you handle situations from the casual to the intense, while showing that you care about your customers. This reassures them that if they purchase your product or service that you will be easy to contact.

Excellent method to promote content.

If you already have an active SEO campaign then you will understand the importance of quality content, not just to gain links to climb the search rankings but also to gain more custom or ‘traffic’ through your website. Social Media is an excellent way to promote content as you can tweet and share these articles and can even actively post on loyal customers pages as well as relevant community or interest pages that may appreciate it.

High quality content and Social Media can go hand in hand, think; how many articles do you read simply because Facebook is aware of what your interests are and so displays them to you on your home feed?

Keeps customer engagement

By keeping regular contact with your customers you are helping to keep your brand in their mind, which they will turn to when they need your product or service. This influence helps to attract repeat and first time customers to make decisions based on their emotional attachment to your brand.

Herding Traffic

An active Social Media Profile will massively help to divert traffic to your website, as anyone browsing and hooked by what you have to offer is then only a click away. Once your brand has successfully established itself as an active Social Media user and as a reliable service then shoppers will pour through.
We are also seeing that Social Media is becoming an ever more important ranking factor amongst the search engines. They are beginning to register that being talked about and shared across Social Media platforms is a fantastic indication that your brand is truly reliable, signalling your website as more authoritative, which is a major factor in where it ranks you within its search results.

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