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    Public Relations – A Full Service

    At Piranha we provide a full PR support service to our clients. Whilst this has moved very much from traditional print to digital, the fundamentals are still the same which are careful planning, designing campaigns with traction, and providing engaging content to the chosen channels. Our PR work is now intricately linked to our digital marketing work as on-site and off-site content can have a significant positive influence on website visibility, performance, and lead generation.

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    Why Choose Piranha to Deliver Your PR Strategy?

    • Piranha has been creating and delivering engaging PR campaigns for clients since 2001 when Piranha was first launched.
    • We have a qualified in-house team providing a full PR Service.
    • We specialise in both consumer and industrial/commercial PR.
    • Piranha has an in-house creative team able to create high quality, visual content to support our PR campaigns.
    • Strong management team overseeing all PR campaigns.
    • A strong portfolio of successful projects and case studies across most industry sectors.
    • In-depth monthly reporting and communications regarding the effectiveness of all campaigns running.

    Our Services

    Media Intelligence

    At Piranha, we have a database of 40,000 trade and consumer magazines, newspapers, national and local radio stations, news websites, blog sites as well as local and national TV stations. All the data includes the editors’ details, market sectors, circulation figures, frequency, and editorial content. The data allows us to distribute press releases to all media who have an interest in your products, services, or company performance. This data is updated regularly so we always have the most up to date information.

    Feature Planning

    Our dedicated PR team is in constant contact with leading editors ensuring we are the first to know of any features the media channels are planning on running. Our updated data also includes all the advanced features the publications and digital platforms have planned for the year ahead.

    We can look at your key media channels and plan your PR campaigns around the advanced features the editors will be running. This will increase your coverage, and not only make sure the article is relevant to each publication, but also relevant to each issue.

    Relationship Building

    We have developed fantastic working relationships with the media in many market sectors, which ultimately increases our favourable media coverage. When we take on board a client in a new sector, the Piranha PR team concentrates on strengthening these relationships to maximise our PR effectiveness.

    Internal PR

    Internal PR is often as important as your external PR. The moral of employees and their exposure to company information can play an important part in productivity. At Piranha we will develop an internal PR campaign for you which can also include identifying training gaps, communicating with staff at all levels and ensuring every member of staff feels part of a forward-thinking team.

    Articles & Case Studies

    All articles are written and developed internally and targeted to the correct media or social channels accompanied by interesting and relevant photography, video, or infographics. We can develop in-depth case studies, write interesting and relevant product information, news stories, in fact anything of interest to the reader and editor. All articles are written and distributed in the style and format required by the editors which is entirely different from advertising copy.

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    Social Media

    Social media marketing and PR are now almost the same discipline. Channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are simply just alternative media channels running alongside traditional broadcast and print media with the one big difference that without editorial policing, more fake and untrustworthy content finds itself on social media. Social Media is included as standard in all our PR campaigns now with the engagement recorded and reported back to our clients in the same way as traditional media tracking services.

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    Photography, Video & Infographics

    There is a very specific art to publicity photography and video, and as such, requires a specialist approach. At Piranha, we provide all art direction, as well as photography, video clips or supporting graphics to get the most from the publicity opportunity. We can provide all content quickly and efficiently.

    Response Management

    Upon distribution of news stories, we receive enquiries from editors requesting further information or asking for permission to use photographs, some traditional trade publications still request colour separation charges. We manage all this function for you, including follow ups and budgets. This can be a time consuming and often confusing part of the campaign for our clients. We take all this hassle away from you, managing it on your behalf and supplying the results in an easy to digest format.

    Tracking & Cutting Service

    We can monitor every publication and channel and supply you with a copy of every article published that contains information about your company. This is an excellent way of tracking the effectiveness of your PR and monitoring your coverage. It will also give you an insight into how your company is perceived by the media and will help you understand why customers have the image of your company that they do.

    Competitor Analysis

    Let us know who your main competitors are and will supply you with every article published that includes information about them. This is a fantastic way of tracking what your competitors are doing, how they are performing, what new products are being launched and what image they are portraying to the market. This will help in planning your own marketing strategies.

    Event Management

    As part of a fully integrated PR campaign, we design and manage events including sales conferences, team building, exhibitions, store openings, product launches, and in-fact every event including your Christmas Party!

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