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Piranha – Content for the Future

By piranha

13th December 2016

Here at Piranha, we’re always evolving our SEO techniques to stay ahead of the curve.

Modern-day SEO is just part of the constantly evolving beast that is digital marketing. In a world where people’s internet habits are as varied as they are unpredictable, it’s become more important than ever to have high quality content available across multiple platforms.

Gone are the days when pages didn’t need to be well written and engaging to garner traffic. Today’s internet users demand engagement across a wide range of platforms; all this content needs to be relevant and immediate.

After mobile searches outnumbered desktop for the first time in 2015, search engines have steadily changed to incorporate a wider variety of media to focus results more towards mobile users. This shift away from purely text-based search results highlights this fact: you need to move with the times if you want to remain a forerunner in your industry.

Producing creative content that engages with an audience is not a simple task, but the rewards are there for the companies who strike a chord with the right audience.

SEMrush’s Brock Murray said in a recent article that ‘if you aren’t investing time, effort and research into creating quality content, you’re doing it wrong.’

Top quality content, from blogs and social media posts to video advertising, gives your site the best chance of attracting an audience. This is especially true in these times of change and search engine evolution.

At Piranha, we’re very experienced at producing top quality content including all these types of media. Our digital services team can promote your business through all avenues of digital marketing, making sure your competitors don’t beat you to the post.

Piranha creates content for the future. Please call us on 01772 888331 or email us at digital@piranha-solutions.com to discuss which type of digital content would best help your business succeed.

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