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Google Chrome Update on Android

By piranha

12th May 2017

Google has released an update for its Chrome Android app, making it easier for users to download and save web pages, to view them offline afterwards.

Global search giant Google initially allowed mobile Chrome users to download web pages back in 2016.

On its blog, Google said that ‘more than 45 million web pages are downloaded every week – and today we’re adding improvements to make it even easier to download pages.’

The update introduces 3 new features, making this possible:

  • Users can now long press on any link to bring up a ‘Download Link’ button. Google have also introduced this feature when long pressing an article suggestion on the new tab page.
  • If a user is already offline, a ‘Download Page Later’ option appears on the iconic dinosaur’s (Chromosaurus rex? Anyone?) ‘You are offline’ page.
  • When browsing search results, a new ‘downloaded’ icon appears next to each item that is available to view offline.

The thinking behind making web pages downloadable via wi-fi or through mobile data is clever. We all know how horrible it is to run out of data at the end of the month!

As Financial Express points out, you’ll need to download the most up-to-date version of Chrome to make it work for you. Also, this update is only available for Chrome on Android; sorry, iPhone users!

Google really seems to be thinking of its user’s needs: recently-downloaded pages will also now appear listed on new tabs, making your content even more accessible.

Have you downloaded any web pages using this new feature? We’d love to hear about your experience! Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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