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Pinterest Introduces Auto-Play Video Ads

By piranha

26th May 2017

The visual platform Pinterest has introduced auto-play video advertisements in its latest app update.

This marks a move away from its previous, more passive approach to video marketing. It also represents a fresh opportunity for companies to target audiences in a dynamic and engaging way.

Video marketing – especially across social media platforms – has become big business in recent years. This is in addition to video giant YouTube, which boasts over one billion users!

New video ads began to appear on Pinterest’s mobile app this week. The platform premiered video ads late last year and until now, videos have appeared users’ feeds but they took the shape of promoted videos and cinematic pins. This media played or moved to correspond to user scrolling.

Now, videos will auto-play in a similar fashion to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Although not a social network itself, Pinterest looks like the ideal stage for video ads.

In his blog post for Social Media Today, Andrew Hutchinson highlighted the potential benefits of this development for marketers and advertising companies. Regarding the pricing of Pinterest video ads, he said:

“As they’re being charged on impressions, not on views, if a user swipes past your video within a second of it playing, you’ll still have to pay – but if they click on the ad to watch it, you don’t.”

This makes investment in advertising on the platform a bit of a gamble. Andrew goes on to point out that Pinterest is counting on its ad-targeting capabilities to keep the costs for advertisers down.

Due to Pinterest’s user demographic – especially with the vast majority of users being women – it may well be worth that investment. Certain industries may find a different audience to those on other platforms that may engage better to their products.

Pairing this idea with intelligent metrics ought to encourage potential advertisers even further.

Videos from Piranha

Great video advertising requires one thing – great videos! Firstly, you need products or services that you think will appeal to users of Pinterest and other platforms. Then you need to obtain engaging and professional videos to properly tap into those markets.

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