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Parliament Call For Google Break-Up

By piranha

29th November 2014

After receiving complaints that Google favour their own results, the European Parliament have called for change to how the search engine works. 384 members voted for the site being un-bundled, with just 174 voting against the motion.

Google have become one of the most powerful companies in the world, which is what is worrying the members of parliament. Not only have they taken over the search engine industry but they also have huge shares in advertising, travel, mobile devices and social networks. This call for the company to be unbundled is an attempt to allow other companies to compete and contend, rather letting Google continue to dominate all of these different sectors.

Although these members of parliament can’t take direct action, their vote means that the decision has now been passed onto the European competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager. She will have the final say in whether Google will need to separate its search results from the other functions, which will perhaps even include the mobile apps.

Vestager will take into account several aspects of Google, including:

  • How Google displays itself on the results pages.
  • The rate of exclusivity which it has against other sellers.
  • How often it uses content from other websites in its own services.
  • The restrictions which are enforces onto advertisers who want to move their campaigns to another search engine.

The Computer and Communications Industry Association, also known as the CCIA, commented on the vote, saying, “While clearly targeting Google, the parliament is in fact suggesting all search companies, or online companies with a search facility, may need to be separated. This is of great concern as we try to create a digital single market.”

It seems that these changes are in demand as many politicians, and members of the public, want to prevent the internet from being biased towards any one search engine.

With Google having around 90% of the market share in the search engine industry, it will take a considerable amount of change to affect its popularity with users.

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