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Nominet Register the 10 Millionth .uk Website!

By piranha

23rd March 2012

Steven Northam – founder of the Hampshire-based company SN Technologies has registered the ten millionth web address ending in .uk.

This landmark registration was made on the behalf of the photography based publication which is due to hit the press in the summer.

Nominet, who this landmark site was registered with, took charge of the top level domain name site in 1996 when there was just 26,000 sites registered as .uk and have described the achievement as a ‘mega-milestone’.

Mr Northam has been rather taken aback after unexpectedly being thrust into the spotlight following this news.

Lesley Cowley, the chief executive on Nominet believes that heavy demand for a .uk address signified the fact that it inspired trust.

“We’ve been growing at around 10% for the past couple of years” she said. “It shows the very healthy growth of the UK internet – lots of new businesses getting online and buying what is often their first domain name.”

With .uk being the second most popular country code world wide, Nominet says that approximately 70% of registered web address names are renewed prior to their two-year expiry date.

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