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New Trolley Master Website Launched


31st August 2017

Piranha’s web developers launch many new websites each month, from simple start up brochure sites, to large national e-commerce sites. This month we’d like to give you a closer look at one of our recent projects,

Trolley Master is a manufacturer and distributor of trollies, platform trucks and racking. These quality products are designed for use in industrial facilities and warehouses.

The Brief

Trolley Master’s products used to be sold through one of the client’s other websites, also designed and built by Piranha, Their desire to sell them as a separate entity prompted a migration of the products to the new domain and online store.

As part of a growing group of websites, the Piranha designers and developers were asked to adhere to brand guidelines and target the site towards specific markets. Because the target industries are both corporate and industrial, appropriate colour schemes and layouts needed to be chosen carefully.

The Platform

One of Piranha’s senior developers was assigned to build the new Trolley Master website. The site needed to be e-commerce (capable of selling products to customers online) and orders needed to be easy to manage.

Trolley Master’s parent site was already built in Magento, and so we decided to build the new site as part of a multi-site Magento installation. Magento is a powerful tool and is ideal for e-commerce sites where sales, delivery options and other complex factors must be considered.

The Piranha graphic design team then drew up a fresh logo and colour scheme for use in the client’s brand styling. As a result, the new website not only looks great but also complements the other domains within the multi-site framework.

The Features

This website has several features which contribute to a truly user-centric design. The trollies are marketed towards both personal and business use, requiring a VAT calculation to establish price points. To address this issue, the Piranha team developed a slider bar which not only allows the user to add or subtract VAT but is also designed to remember their choice using browser cookies. also benefits from a sleek and minimalist navigation. Rather than having lots of options in a mega menu, the menu is minimalistic and purely product-focussed. This approach allows visitors to get to their destination – the products – as swiftly as possible.

In the world of e-commerce, an efficient user journey can help to convert more page visits and keep customers happy.

The Support

We offer outstanding support services for our new websites, and this one was no exception. Full pre- and post-launch SEO and development checks were carried out to ensure the site was set up in the most efficient way. This gives the site the best chance to be indexed and rank well in search engines.

Following the site’s launch, we also provided on-call support for the client to make minor layout amends and textual changes.

Trolley Master’s owners are also taking advantage of our website hosting capabilities. Piranha’s Magento-optimised server is scalable and highly reliable, providing high-percentage uptimes and fast response. All this technology keeps visitors happy and the site running well.

The Future

As part of an ongoing project, Piranha has been enlisted to add 2 more Magento sites to the Trolley Master family. This will allow the client to target their products towards more specific markets and customers whilst providing greater specificity to search engines like Google.

This multi-site enterprise benefits hugely from our advanced, servers and is as future-proof as possible. With Piranha’s assistance, Trolley Master customers will surely be kept happy for years to come!

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