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Piranha Launches International Search Engine Optimisation Service


26th November 2009

Following a successful trial period over the last 6 months, Piranha has officially launched its international Search Engine Optimisation Service.

Piranha has been working with the leading international search engines on developing working systems that enables Piranha to mirror the search engine ranking results obtained by clients in the UK to search engines all over the world and the initial results have been outstanding.

Piranha has developed a system for successfully converting client’s websites to any international language, optimising the site for translated search terms, marketing these so they appear on the top pages of the search engines in the countries speaking the translated language and then monitoring and reporting these results back to the client.

This process shows where each search term, in each language can be found on the search engines in each targeted country, for example, where “Alquiler Enfriadoras” appears on the Spanish Google search engine for their client. In this case, it appears on page 1.

This service enables all Piranhas clients to market there services and products to every country of the world in the language spoken in that country no matter where the client is based.

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