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Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety Interactive Website Launched


26th March 2005

Piranha, Preston’s first choice advertising and marketing agency, has just designed, developed and launched a brand new website for Lancashire County Council and other partner stakeholders within Lancashire.

The partnership, titled Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety has chosen Piranha following the successful marketing campaigns undertaken by the agency for the regions speed awareness courses in which motorists are invited to attend a speed awareness course instead of receiving points on their licence and a fine if they break the speed limit within certain parameters.

Amongst other key interactive tools, the website contains maps and locations with up to date information on all active speed cameras within the county, including both permanent and mobile speed cameras.

The website also contains information on the performance and effectiveness of all the cameras showing average speeds through the cameras, the number of vehicles speeding and the speeds.

The website is all built on a content management system enabling the Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety to update the camera information in real time.

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