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Blackpool Mobile Website Design


26th September 2011

Piranha Advertising & Marketing has just completed the design and development of the website for Blackpool based Greenlite UK specifically for viewing on mobile devices. Industry stats reveal that 52% of the UK Population now own a smart phone and that, on average, nearly 10% of website traffic is via a smart phone (although these statistics will vary from industry to industry). Whilst traditional websites can often be viewed on smart phones, the navigation, amount of images, amount of text and the general structure of the website makes then difficult to engage with and leaves users frustrated by the websites limitations.

Piranha Advertising & Marketing had already designed and launched a traditional website for Greenlite UK, which recently moved its head quarters to Blackpool from Warrington, but as part of an ongoing digital strategy, embarked on the development of the mobile website in order to further increase traffic to the website.

The design of the mobile website consisted of stripping back the site to understand what information people on a smart phone would need to quickly access and how they would navigate around the site,. This resulted in larger navigation links on the home page, less text on the home page and clearing contact information. This process was then followed throughout the site to create a truly mobile version.

Piranha also provide full marketing and creative support to Greenlite along with search engine optimisation and marketing analysis so in the months ahead Piranha will be able to analyse the percentage of users who use smart phones to access the Greenlite website.

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