New Rules for Marketing & Advertising of Alcohol Across EU

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New Rules for the Marketing and Advertising of Alcohol Across EU

By piranha

27th April 2012

Eight of Europe’s largest drinks manufacturers have joined together and agreed to implement rules on the marketing of alcohol which will be used right across the continent.

Working alongside the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and the national trade association, Pernod Ricard, Carlsberg, Bacardi, Heineken, AB InBev, Brown-Forman SAB Miller and Diageo will look to create and enforce advertising which is age appropriate and common standards on social media marketing across the member states.

Following concerns that current standards were fragmented, pressure from the European Alcohol Health Forum (EAHF) – the European Commission’s initiative in alcohol harm reduction – has led to the voluntary agreement which aims to see a set of common rules set across the European Union.

The ‘Responsible Marketing Pact’ will be monitored independently by Accenture and overseen by the EC and it is hoped that the drawn up and incorporated by the early part of 2015.

The Responsible Marketing Pact

‘Prevent minors from inadvertently seeing alcohol beverage marketing communications on social media’

‘Set a common adult demographic standard for alcohol beverage marketing communications across all media, thereby limiting undue exposure of minors to drink ads’

‘Prohibit any alcohol beverage marketing communications that might be particularly attractive to minors by ensuring that the content of ads appeals primarily to adults’

It is believed, however, that the standards expected are already implemented by current UK codes of practice and therefore it is unlikely that changes will need to be made by UK producers. The only exception to this may be Facebook pages, which currently have no age restrictions within advertising codes.

Paul Airey of Piranha Advertising and Marketing Solutions in Preston, Lancashire says “It is important to accept that as an industry we have to act responsibly. Advertisers in the UK will welcome this agreement’

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