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New Internet top-level domain name claims released by Icann

By piranha

31st May 2012

Following the recent glitch which resulted in lengthy delays in companies registering via the TLD (top level domain name) application system – set up to allow organisations to apply to buy web addresses ending in their brand names – the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) has released the full list of submissions.

A number of the top-level domains were applied for by a number of parties and these included .home, .diy, .news, .play and .sex. Other domain name requests included .porn, .ferrari and .bbc. The most sought after name was .app with 13 requests.

It is believed that an auction process may be triggered by some of the larger organisations who have applied for the same ending.

There had been a number of objections to the plans and many companies had signed a petition in protest. Coca-Cola and Kellogg’s were two such companies and both have declined from registering names.

Google however has applied for a number of generic top-level (gTLD) name strings including .youtube and .google, along with some less obvious choices including .dad and .boo.

Samsung, who had originally opposed the idea have applied for .samsung and the equivalent in the Korean alphabet.

A total of 1,930 name requests have been registered in the first phase of new net names and anyone with objections to any of the claims have the next 7 months to lodge their complaint. Icann then hopes to put the new names live in batches of around 500.

Icann’s chief executive said “The plan we have delivered is solid and fair. It is our fundamental obligation to increase innovation and consumer choice.”

Critics however have attacked the plan, fearing that some bodies may have an unfair advantage and concerns over the costs have been raised – applicants had to pay a fee of $185,000 (£118,000) just to take part in the application process. If the domain name is granted, applicants will be faced with an annual renewal charge of at least $25,000.

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