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It’s new and exclusive to Piranha – ‘Sensory Optimisation’

By piranha

1st April 2014

It’s the internet development everyone has been waiting for. Developed by Piranha Internet in Preston, England, Sensory Optimisation is set to take the online community by storm.

Sensory Optimisation embraces all the senses through the development of ‘Resonating Pixels’ which greatly enhances the user experience. The technology allows the user to touch, feel and even smell a website’s content.

The influence of odours on human behaviour is well documented. ‘Sensory Optimisation’ will allow businesses to utilise the relationship between feelings and emotions such as relaxation, exhilaration, sensuality, happiness and well-being brought about by odours to stimulate an emotional response to their products. Equally the physical sensation of touch evokes emotional and sensory responses that can quickly convey the attributes of a product to potential customers.

The potential applications for ‘Sensory Optimisation’ are phenomenal, from restaurants and food manufacturers to carpet, textile and perfume manufactures and many, many more. Being able to allow customers to feel and smell your products online is a massive leap forward for any business.

Don Fryer, Account Director at Piranha commented, “We are really excited about Sensory Optimisation and its benefits to our customers. It has been in development for some time but beta testing has been very successful and proved very popular with the end user. It’s the natural progression in the provision of internet services and unlike Facebook Oculus VR and Google Glass ‘Sensory Optimisation’ requires no third party gadget for the end user to enjoy the experience”.

Piranha have already had a great deal of interest in ‘Sensory Optimisation’ and its ‘Resonating Pixel’ technology from leading social media platforms and silicon valley based development companies but the plan is to keep development in the North West for now.

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