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More updates from Google!

By piranha

25th November 2016

Back in 2012, Google introduced Penguin as one of the 200 signals it uses in to determine web ranking. Now it’s updated Penguin into its latest incarnation, what does this mean for SEO?

The original Google blog on the subject reassured us that SEO has always been a positive activity and one that it actively encourages in order to make the web as relevant to each end user as possible.

Today, it’s no different. Google’s Gary Illyes told us in September that webmasters “should be free to focus on creating amazing, compelling websites” and that Penguin 4.0 will make it simpler for people to optimise ethically for more organic traffic.

A recent blog from Advanced Web Ranking highlights this shift to a more organically-focussed strategy, going on to say that webmasters will be rewarded for quality link building whilst sites that spam others with unnatural links will be penalised by Google.

The latest changes that Google has implemented also make the way Penguin operates, as they put it, more ‘granular’. This means that specific pages will now be penalised for spamming without negatively affecting the value of the entire website.

This more targeted approach from Penguin 4.0 highlights the ever-present need for high quality, well-implemented organic SEO practices.

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